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Compare DJI Osmo Action and GoPro Hero 7 Black: Which camera is worth buying?

Journey camera is a device that many users are interested in. In particular, DJI's GoPro Hero 7 Black and Osmo Action are two "warriors" who are well-balanced in this market.

Speaking of these two devices, the GoPro Hero 7 Black has been released since September 2018, which is highly appreciated and trusted by the incredible good anti-shake feature HyperSmooth, 4K video recording speed. 60fps and a range of utilities to make the user experience easier and more convenient.

However, this action camera now has to deal with a formidable competitor from DJI, the Osmo Action with good specs, the ability to stabilize electronic images and stand out from the front LCD screen. allows users to check frames even when the main screen behind is hidden, suitable for Vlogger in case of attaching the camera to the chassis, selfie sticks, … Let's see if it is more impressive device ok

Design and usability

In terms of exterior design, GoPro Hero 7 Black feels a bit smoother than Osmo Action, but in terms of convenience and ease of use, Osmo Action is slightly more dominant thanks to the LED screen. Both front and back eyes, especially suitable for vloggers.

GoPro Hero 7 Black has a similar monochrome mini screen similar to that of high-end DSLR cameras, it will display important parameters such as battery capacity, duration of clips, … Taller, DJO Osmo is equipped The front 1.1 inch LCD display allows you to see the scene when shooting, although there is a slight delay. Besides, its rear screen is bigger than Hero 7 Black and has a ratio of 16: 9.

Sforum - Latest technology information page DJIOsmoAction-15-1220x813 Compare DJI Osmo Action and GoPro Hero 7 Black: Which camera is worth buying?

Regarding the touch interface, DJI has done quite well on its device when it feels familiar, easy to use for those who have used Go Pro before. The device also has a handy Quickset button to switch modes. In addition, Osmo Action also allows users to easily change ND filters and lens covers. Both cameras have 2 microphones, removable batteries and almost identical weight.

Specifications and features

Both cameras have similar proximity sensors that can record 4K video at speeds of up to 60fps, while 2.7k, 1080p and 720p modes are available if you want to reduce the file size for easy uploading. than. However, there are some minor differences.

With Osmo Action, this camera is capable of pushing shutter speeds up to 1/8000 or down to 120 seconds in manual mode, which will help cinematographers record action in bright or shooting conditions. Long exposure photos. Moreover, superior to Hero 7 Black, Osmo Action is also equipped with HDR video mode. however, it is not very useful because the difference that HDR brings to the image is relatively small.

Sforum - Latest technology information page DJIOsmoAction-17-768x512 Compare DJI Osmo Action and GoPro Hero 7 Black: Which camera is worth buying?

Meanwhile, Hero 7 Black also has some advantages that its competitors do not have, outstanding is equipped with GPS, this is very convenient for tracking data such as speed, video recording ability, option to stream live video to sites like YouTube via phone and HDMI output port to connect to TV. Unfortunately, Osmo Action lacks these important features

Quality videos and images

Both devices have 4K video recording capability with impressive details. GoPro tends to increase saturation and sharpen by default, making the video look brighter, nicer but slightly more virtual, generally stable and balanced in all modes. In addition, GoPro Hero 7 Black is slightly better evaluated in handling motion when shooting 4K, separating noise from the image.

Meanwhile, Osmo Action does not handle smoothly at this interval, the image will look slightly blurred when shooting at high speed. On the contrary, in 1080p mode, GoPro Hero 7 Black seems to be weaker. For details in the distance, DJI is able to come back more clearly and clearly. It can be seen that at each resolution, we have different results.

Another small difference between these two "warriors" is in hyperlapse mode, Hero 7 Black's Timewarp mode excels in stability and smoothness. For still images, both devices only have slight differences in color temperature, while the image quality is quite uniform with the ability to balance details in the dark and when the exposure is quite good.

Sforum - Latest technology information page 2019-6-11-19-7-5 Comparison of DJI Osmo Action and GoPro Hero 7 Black: Which camera is worth buying?

Sforum - Latest technology information page 2019-6-11-19-7-24 Compare DJI Osmo Action and GoPro Hero 7 Black: Which camera is worth buying?

Anti-vibration ability

GoPro has introduced Hyper Smooth image stabilization feature on the Hero 7 Black. This is an electronic stabilization feature that uses external image data seen in the final scenes to stabilize jerky movements. It is quite similar to DJI Osmo's EIS and both have great results.

As you move and spin, especially in the running scenes, GoPro and DJI are integrated for their devices with shock and vibration resistance, making the video look much smoother and more professional. In this range, Osmo prevails a little more than Hero 7 Black with a more stable and smooth image, but not significant.


It is difficult to choose the winner here because each device has its own strengths and weaknesses, concluding which camera action is better will depend on your usage needs. Osmo Action has the advantage of an easy-to-use front screen, more flexible modes and a little lower price. Meanwhile, GoPro Hero 7 Black is equipped with GPS and live streaming capability. According to you, what is the worth buying camera, share ideas in the comment section under this article.



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