ASUS introduced the X409 / X509 laptop series: Compact, powerful configuration, good gaming - Photo 1.

Compact, powerful configuration, good gaming

ASUS introduced the duo of popular laptop ASUS X409 and X509 with the leading compact size and weight in the segment with modern features like the thin NanoEdge screen, 1-touch fingerprint sensor, drive options. store SSD 512GB PCIE standard high speed. Both products are also equipped with a powerful configuration with the 8th generation Intel Core processor up to Intel Core i7, NVIDIA GEFORCE MX230 discrete graphics for tasks that require graphics power and lifting capabilities. strong level.

Powerful configuration, great visual experience

With the powerful configuration, the ASUS X409 and X509 universal laptop duo will become a powerful supporter for your daily work. With an option of up to Intel Core i7 8th generation combined with NVIDIA GEFORCE MX230 graphics card, dual storage capability with a combination of traditional large capacity HDD hard drive and solid-state SSD storage drive PCIE for extremely high speed.

ASUS introduced the X409 / X509 laptop series: Compact, powerful configuration, good gaming - Photo 2.

A modern laptop is not only powerful but also requires a compact size and weight to meet the mobile factor. Understanding that, ASUS has equipped the thin screen NanoEdge 7.7mm on the X409 and X509 duo laptops to minimize the overall size and weight of the device. Both the X409 and X509 models weigh in weight of 1.65Kg and 1.8Kg, the Full HD screen with anti-glare coating and wide viewing angle of 178 degrees and the display ratio of up to 83% for an impressive image experience. for daily work, study or entertainment.

The chassis is reinforced for outstanding durability

Unlike the popular laptop series when manufacturers only focus on configuration and cost but ignore the durability factor of the product, ASUS X409 / X509 has a chassis reinforced by metal braces. . The metal part of the keyboard is enhanced with metal and attached directly to the chassis to make the overall of the machine more solid, avoiding the flex phenomenon when typing and better protecting the internal components. The screen panel is reinforced by 2 similar metal clamps on the car's frame to help protect against vibrations, contributing to a more solid reinforcement for the hinge area – the part with the most impact on one laptop.

Besides the option of high-speed & large capacity PCIE SSD drives, HDD versions are also equipped with 3-way anti-shock system for the hard drive to minimize the risk of data loss because external physical impacts.

Design towards convenience for users

The X409 and X509 duo are equipped with one-touch fingerprint support for Windows Hello, making Windows login easy, fast & secure. The keyboard on both models has a 1.4mm key stroke combined with metal keyboard bones to provide a good experience for users.

ASUS introduced the X409 / X509 laptop series: Compact, powerful configuration, good gaming - Photo 3.

Use the high-speed WIFI 5 connection and Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity in combination with a variety of computer connectors such as the 3.1 Type C USB port, USB 3.1 Type A, standard HDMI port and MicroSD memory card slot, X409 and X509 are available for every connection you require.

Finally, equipped with a high-quality battery with 3-cell battery life that is more than normal with fast charging technology, it can charge 60% of the battery capacity in just 49 minutes and integrate ASUS Battery technology. Health Charging helps to adjust the charging line optimally, the ASUS X409 and X509 duo will always ensure that the battery will stay in the best condition to be ready for service.

The product is ready for sale with 2 silver & dark gray versions for X409 & X509 version with dark gray options. These will be two of the models that promise to attract young consumers in the school season 2019.

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