Comodo Internet Security: Top free choice for protecting your computer

Comodo Internet Security: Top free choice for protecting your computer

COMODO Internet Security is probably the best free antivirus option and that's why it's probably the only free antivirus with so many features. In addition to antivirus it includes a very good firewall and using advanced techniques makes your computer a real fortress.

Specifically, Defense + protects critical system files and prevents malware from being installed, yet innovative programmatic techniques create protection against advanced buffer overflow attacks and erase all malicious processes before they can start their destructive work.

Another very positive thing is that it uses the sandboxie so that if an application is not known or if it finds that there is a risk of its use running in the protected environment.

If you are sure that the application you want to run is secure you can very easily give the program the command to include it in secure programs. In my opinion it is the best free program for security of our computer which puts a lot down commercially.

The Comodo Antivirus engine has undergone significant improvements in this release, incorporating a range of new cloud-based technologies providing greater accuracy and faster detection of new threats.

The suite also includes a Game Mode that lets you run games or other full-screen applications without the hassle of security with various pop-ups. Another advantage is the application menu supports Greek as well. During installation, Comodo Browser will install a special version for even greater security when surfing the web. However, you can disable it, or even uninstall it if you don't like it, without affecting the performance of the antinirus.

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