Comodo Firewall: The leading Firewall application for Windows

Comodo Firewall: The leading Firewall application for Windows

Comodo Firewall is a top Firewall application, one of the few distributed free of charge for all windows. Available as a standalone with significant extras. Fully equipped, it uses cloud-based data to analyze new programs and data to prevent attacks, including zero-days. It will protect your system from viruses, Trojans, worms, hacker attacks and other threats.

It includes some extras like the SecureDNS network, and a fast and secure Web browser, Comodo dragon, which we've featured in our previous post, however if you don't like it you can turn it off or uninstall it. It also includes the Game Mode feature that lets you run games or other applications in full screen without being disturbed by security messages with various pop-ups.

Another good thing is that it uses sandbox technology so that if an application is not known or if the program finds that there is a risk that it may be used to run it in a protected environment. If you are finally sure that the application you want to run is secure you can very easily give the program the command to include it in secure programs.

Perhaps its only downside is that it includes many settings that may confuse the casual user. In conclusion we can effortlessly classify it as one of the best free Firewall applications available right now that not only has nothing to jealousy of other similar applications that we have to pay for in order to get them but with the new technologies it is a a step forward.

Comodo Firewall:

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