Common trait of geniuses: Not interested in sex
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Common trait of geniuses: Not interested in sex

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People often tend to think that geniuses are extraordinary and incomparable people who cannot be classified or like anyone else. That is only partially true, according to psychologists, besides that, geniuses often share some characteristics such as large breasts, aversion to sex, or staying up at night … these are the characteristics. The score is considered extremely strange, but it proves that you are a genius.

1. Women with large breasts

Big breasted women

Big breasts and human IQ are similarly related. According to a survey of 1,200 women with different bust sizes, those with large breasts usually have an IQ higher than those with an average bust of about 10 points.

2. Not interested in sex

Not interested in sex

Many people often explain that women often do not like a man who is always working on books or computers. But in reality, this is not quite so, it is much more complicated than you think. Recently, researchers at top universities, including MIT, showed that smart students often have fewer sexual partners than the average student. In addition, the proportion of intelligent students who remain virgin is also about 45% higher than the average student.

There are many reasons given to explain this phenomenon, but there are 3 prominent reasons as follows.

  • First, in our bodies there exists the hormone testosterone that promotes masculinity, and at the same time it will also fight against substances that affect intelligence. Even cause inhibition of intelligence. Leading people with normal IQ will be very masculine.
  • The second reason is that intelligent people are deeply aware of life, especially the dangers of sex. Thanks to a clear mind, they can completely avoid unnecessary risks, especially masturbation or curbing self-desire is not dangerous at all.
  • Thirdly, people with high IQ often spend more time on studying than hanging out with friends to drink, they think that unnecessary jobs are unnecessary for them. This makes it difficult for them to reach out to people of the opposite sex, leading to less opportunities for them to have sex with the opposite sex.

3. Enjoy using addictive substances

  Enjoy using drugs

According to the statistics of experts, people with a high IQ often prefer to use drugs. Perhaps many people will be surprised, and ask the question why geniuses use drugs, because with their intelligence they have enough awareness to know how dangerous this substance is. health. And researchers have shown that smart people use drugs to be able to experience new things in life, such as illegal play.

4. Regularly stay up at night

Stay up all night

Frequent insomnia is a common occurrence for smart people, as their IQ increases, meaning their sleep time per night is reduced. This may show that when the mind is too active, it will make it difficult for people to get a good night’s sleep, or maybe the night is the quietest time for them to work. be most effective.

5. Are an alcoholic

Be an alcoholic

According to researcher Satoshi Kanazawa, alcoholics are often office geniuses. This study makes many people feel surprised, and explains for this Satoshi Kanazawa explained that, using alcohol helps them feel more comfortable, more stress relieved.

6. Have blue eyes

Has blue eyes

Blue-eyed people tend to have better strategic and self-determined activities better than people with normal brown eyes. Carl Sagan, Stephen Hawking are extremely famous scientists, and these people all have blue eyes. This is considered a typical example of this.

And those with brown eyes are suitable for activities that need to move fast. While those with dark colored eyes are suitable for sports activities.

7. Have simple recreational activities

There are simple recreational activities

Recently, researchers have admitted that geniuses often have very simple and normal entertainment activities. This is probably the brain’s need, to help the brain rest and recover from stressful working hours. Many of the greatest geniuses in history have these interests. For example, Einstein likes to sail, Stephen Hawking likes to climb mountains, row boats, and even write children’s books. It’s possible that water sports bias is also a little-known trait of genius.

8. Pursue meaningless things

Pursue meaningless things

Many geniuses in history have been judged to pursue nonsense in the time they were living. John Alexander Newlands was laughed at by scientists when he invented the first chemical periodic table. Meanwhile, the Wright brothers were ridiculed for their relentless airplane experiments, and they were even called liars when they offered a live show. Gregor Mendel discovered the origin of genetics and was quickly ignored by the entire scientific community.

The problem here is that geniuses often don’t see the world as the rest of society. Because of that, they often tend to pursue strange directions to achieve great achievements.

9. Love to doodle on paper

Love to doodle on paper

One thing that geniuses and artists have in common is their ability to handle abstract thinking effectively. And of course when they talk about something, they also talk in an abstract way. When ordinary people are unable to fully understand their problem, the theories and ideas are converted to images. This is how smart people often do to make it easier for everyone around them to understand.

10. Have a mental illness

Have a mental illness

Geniuses are eccentricities. Most of the best in academia are judged to be somewhat eccentric, which sets them apart from everyone else. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and attention deficit syndrome (ADD or ADHD) are the two most common illnesses in people with high IQs. Scientist Nikola Tesla is believed to have suffered from fear of human hair, while Da Vinci is believed to have severe ADHD.


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