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Common mistakes when driving a motorbike that you should avoid

Actually, these errors are very basic, they don't have the right to understand the law and have the careful spirit, but I don't understand why I go on seeing the road. I wrote this article in the hope that people will drive more carefully, avoid causing harm to others (but if you drive wrongly, you will suffer by yourself).

Turn, turn your head without observing

I like it when I turn, I like it when I turn my head, what do you guys do for me … This is the situation I see, the road is not your own but there are other means to move, so first When turning, before you turn the car, watch carefully beforehand. You should also use the rearview mirror to see what vehicles you have behind them, they intend to turn or go straight … to control the vehicle properly.

Also remember to slow down when cornering, slow down to avoid colliding with an object that's parked on the road when you are finished.

Turn without turning

Also related to media redirection, there is a basic thing that you should use, which is called a signal light, or a signal light. Before changing lanes, before turning, before turning your head … turn on the flashlight quickly to help, it only takes less than 1 second to help many people know what you are planning to do. And remember that you have to turn on your turn signal a distance far enough away for other vehicles to give way to you, not when you turn on the light and turn right away, you're damaging them.

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Stop the car unexpectedly

When I was on the road, I saw the fight scene and won the match. Going to the street, I saw that the other shop had a strong sales, and stopped to watch the broadcast. When you slow down suddenly, the following vehicles will not be able to handle and hit you. If you have a cardboard motorbike, it will be fine, but behind you is a car or a truck, good luck.

Before stopping, you must use the rearview mirror to see how the vehicle is behind your back, then slowly pull up to the side after turning on the turn signal. You can run through that store, but it's okay, the store is still there, you can turn around and check it out.

These are quite basic but I don't understand why many people can't do it : D

Cross the red light

Red lights still go straight as they are, still trying to squeeze in to keep going, or standing behind the trumpet to ask for a turn when there is no red light … are actions that make others feel uncomfortable, and it directly affects your own safety. It is against the law for you to turn any direction when the red light is off unless there is a sign or signal light or the operator is standing there. If the police blows in because of a red light, don't shout : D

Slowing down for 1-2 minutes does not kill you, it is the red light that makes you go to the hospital or sit on the altar.

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Move the margin again : D Although the road is not crowded

Turn on the headlights when traveling in the city

If you turn on the headlights of a motorbike, the car will do it in the opposite direction to you, which is extremely uncomfortable due to the direct eye light, which can cause them to lose their driving and fall, worse, collide with other vehicles. Before turning on the vehicle light, notice if you have switched the light to near projection mode. There are many cases where you do not intentionally turn on the remote lights but because the car holder is sad and turned on and off, or by another vehicle while taking the car in the yard, the switch is turned on without you noticing.

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There is a good thing, everyone should check it out

Duy Luân

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