Common mistakes on Toyota Innova and how to fix them

Common mistakes on Toyota Innova and how to fix them

Known for its persistence, Toyota Innova cars are sometimes hard to avoid wear out over time. The following are common old Innova car errors.

The steering wheel is shaking

The most common car fault that many people complain about is the vibration of the steering wheel. Some cases the steering wheel vibrates when running fast. The main cause of this error is often due to unbalance of the rim, loose nuts or bolts in the suspension, ruler. In addition to the direct causes, the causes of steering wheel vibration may come from unbalanced brake discs.

The steering wheel is vibrated strongly affecting the ability to control the carThe steering wheel is vibrated strongly affecting the ability to control the car

Because after a period of moving, the above parts will be dirt crept inwards and makes the rotation unstable. If you do not promptly fix this error, you will have difficulty turning the steering wheel at will and the steering wheel is unusually heavy.

You can fix this error in the following ways. If the brake disc is not bent excessively, you can turn a thin piece of metal to place on the surface to reduce vibration. If it is too warping, you need to replace the brake disc. If the cause is directly related to the steering system like loose nuts. You will need to take the car to the garage to check all the details inside to tighten the screw.

Error electronic fuel injection system

This is one of the common mistakes on Innova. When encountering phenomena such as Innova, which is difficult to explode, Innova is going to die, it is difficult to start or consume more gasoline than usual … maybe because the old Toyota Innova car has an electronic fuel injection system error.

The reason is that in the process of refueling (fuel injection), there are many impurities coming from the petrol and clogging the injectors. Meanwhile, the gasoline will not be enough to provide the engine to operate, resulting in a weaker vehicle operation or shutdown. The way to fix this error is to either clean the injector with specialized solutions or you may need to change a new injector.

Sudden shutdown due to electronic fuel injectionToyota Innova suddenly shutdown due to electronic fuel injection system

Air conditioner not cool

After a period of use, many Innova car users often experience the condition of the air conditioner not as cool as the time or cooler time slightly and slightly cold. If so, make sure the car’s air conditioning system has malfunctioned. The main reason is that the cold air has been exhausted or the belt has been punctured, leading to the loss of compressed air, resulting in the inability to achieve the required pressure.

To be able to overcome the phenomenon of Innova air conditioner is not cool, you need to check the gas pipe, if you feel warm at high pressure and cool at low pressure, your air conditioner operates normally. Manufacturer to high-pressure pipe with a larger diameter than the low-pressure tube, if the temperature of the 2 pipes is not different, the car has a problem in the air conditioner. Besides, you should also check the wind speed is strong or weak, if all works normally, just clean the indoor air conditioner.

Air conditioner is not quite a common error in old InnovaAir conditioner not cool is a fairly common error in Old Innova

To be able to evaluate the cooling effect of the system, you start the car and run the engine to 1500 rpm and set the air conditioner to the maximum. If after 5 minutes the temperature is still high, you need to have car serviced to check the whole system.

Brake problem

After a period of use, Innova car brakes often have some problems. This is one of the problems that needs to be fixed quickly, because the brakes are to ensure safety for everyone in the car.

The cause of the problem brakes are due to excessive wear or brake pads are inert. In order to know exactly which parts of the brakes are malfunctioning, you need to know some of the signs to identify a broken car brake as follows:

The brakes sounded: In fact, cries on the brakes are often caused by inert brake pads or water sand getting in the brake pads and worn peach shaft.

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Brake no longer eat: Is the phenomenon when the brake pedal touches the floor but the Innova car still decelerates quite low or hardly decreases. The reason for this is that the brake pads are so worn out that they cannot be adjusted.

The brake pads are so worn that the car makes a sound when brakingThe brake pads are so worn that the car makes a sound when braking

Bundle brake: A phenomenon where the brake pads cannot be separated from the surface of the drum. If this happens, it may be because the shaft of the peach tree is oil-dried or the spring is out of elasticity, which leads to the failure of the peach to apply itself after braking.

When experiencing the above signs, the best remedy for you is to replace the new Innova brake pads. You should go to the prestigious garage to perform the repair. In addition, you need regular Toyota Innova maintenance to ensure the brakes are always running smoothly.

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