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Common damage in car gas pump

The main job of a car fuel pump is to bring gasoline from the tank to the injector, thereby pushing the fuel into the combustion chamber. If the fuel pump is damaged, the engine power will be reduced.

Outline of the operating principle of automobile fuel pump

With the structure of a unified unit, the module controlling the dynamic system, when started, activates the relay providing voltage for the fuel pump. The pump will work for a few seconds to apply pressure to the fuel system. Fuel is sucked in and pumped through a gas filter, through a one-way valve, a fuel filter and a nozzle. Check valve will function to maintain pressure in the system when the pump is not working. The fuel filter works to filter the residue of gasoline to avoid clogging the fuel injector. The pressure regulator will be used to maintain a steady pressure for the system. Leftover gasoline will be returned to the tank. In addition, many vehicles will be equipped with safety switches based on vehicle acceleration to reduce the risk of fire when an accident occurs. At that time, the fuel control module (PCM) will signal the RPM to stop the pump to save fuel.

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The internal structure of the car gasoline pump

Common damage to the gas pump in the car

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In fact, the gas pump for a car is quite durable, but if used for a long time, the gas pump also has a few problems. As when the fuel level in the tank is low, the pump is not cooled enough and it becomes overheated. When the gas pump is damaged, the check engine light will not light up, but you can diagnose some diseases of the car fuel pump system by yourself. Specifically:

  • The car has suddenly stalled: Your car is running normally, suddenly stalling, when you let it cool down, it will run normally. Or one fine morning, you can start your car, but after only a minute of driving, the engine stops and then you cannot restart no matter what you do.

The car has a sudden traffic jam causing many disadvantages

  • The ability to pump gasoline is weakened: Check in the waiting port in the engine compartment – where the manometer is installed to check the pump pressure. If the gas pressure is less than usual, it is a sign that your gas pump is weak or there is a problem in the pipeline.
  • There is no noise in the fuel tank when starting: When you turn the ignition key to the ON position, listen for any noise from the fuel tank area. If not, you need to consider the possibility of replacing the car gasoline pump or some cables, electric relay.
  • Gasoline does not spill out when testing gasoline pumps on cars: This is a test only for those who have a lot of experience in car repair. You will turn off the electric lock, remove the gas pipe to the spray system and turn on the lock, if the gas spills out, it means that the car fuel pump works normally.

The consequences of the car’s gas pump malfunction

When your gas pump fails, first you will have to spend more fuel to start the engine, and the car’s performance will not be as you want. It will also interfere with your work. Imagine, one day, when you are on your way to an important meeting, the car gas pump system “turns against” and stops your car. It takes a long time to reboot and get there.

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Makes you more fuel-efficient

In fact, you can completely minimize the occurrence of such cases. As long as you check your car’s fuel-related equipment regularly and replace it periodically, your car is always running well. Do not wait until the broken times before repairing, it will cost you a lot of money and time.


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