Common car errors after many years of use

Common car errors after many years of use

After many years of use, cars will more or less meet certain problems. Here are the most common used car faults.

The car steering wheel is shaking

When the car works normally, the car steering wheel is shaken strongly, there is a problem in the steering system. Severity can be assessed by perceived shaking intensity. If this situation is prolonged, it will make handling difficult and even dangerous situations.

Vibration of the steering wheel greatly affects the ability to control the steering wheelVibration of the steering wheel greatly affects the ability to control the steering wheel

In addition to the main cause of the car suspension, the phenomenon of a car steering wheel vibration can also be caused by a car spark plug, malfunction of the gas / wind ratio and loss of engine pressure. In this case, you should check the high voltage line. If the engine pressure is lost, it may be due to a leaky valve or broken filler cap.

Weak device

A weakened car is the most recognizable sign when you do not have your car regularly serviced. When the accelerator pedal is pressed, the engine is no longer “as sensitive” as it was when you first bought it, and your accelerator journey must be longer than usual. To know exactly why, you need to check the air filter, fuel lines and injectors.

These are the parts most likely to cause the engine to run weak. Sprayer pushes fuel into the cylinder to combine with the air that has passed through the filter. Then the system will ignite and make the piston run. If the pipeline leaks and the pump is weak, the mixing ratio of the fuel mixture will deviate, resulting in a vehicle that is weaker than normal. Some low-cost small cars such as old Hyundai i10 and old Kia Morning cars often encounter this error after many years of use.

Acceleration was shaken

On a clear day, you discover that your car is jerking when you accelerate. Why is that? The main cause of this problem usually comes from insufficient fuel supply (running out of gasoline) or deeper causes such as dirty injectors and clogged fuel filters. When this phenomenon occurs, the “safe” solution is to take your car to a reputable maintenance center so that the technician can check it comprehensively.

Climbing is difficult

There are many reasons making it difficult to climb. The most common of which is filtering gasoline cars clogged. When operating, gasoline residues will be retained on this filter, after a period of filtering gasoline will be clogged and lead to a shortage of fuel. And when climbing the slope, the car needs to pump more fuel leading to a situation that requires greater activity. But due to clogged gasoline filter, it could not meet the required amount of gasoline, causing the engine to stall and reduce the inherent power of the engine.

Blocked gasoline filter makes it difficult to climbBlocked gasoline filter makes it difficult to climb

Check Engine light is on

With modern cars, the car always has sensors to identify errors and notify the driver through the lights on the instrument cluster. Check Engine light is responsible for reporting the error in the engine. The cause of the Check Engine light may be due to the following problems such as exhaust filter, intake air, spark plug filter … In addition, it may also be due to ventilation duct. This is a detailed control of emissions, so if leaked or open, it will affect quite a lot on automobile engine operation.

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Exhaust pipe malfunction

Exhaust pipe (also known as exhaust) is a part known for the purpose of exhaust gas out. If the car exhaust sounds chirping or worse, it means that the fuel injection system is malfunctioning or the spark plug does not burn completely. Spark plugs here may be due to long-term deposits of coal dust from motor oil or due to incomplete combustion. Therefore, to be able to completely overcome this problem, you need to check the fuel injection system and clean the spark plug.

Exhaust or emitting exhaust pipes are very dangerousExhaust or emitting exhaust pipes are very dangerous

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