3 certain parts cannot be ignored when checking the car brake

Common automobile brake error, how to check and maintain the brake

Car brakes are prone to malfunctions due to their high working intensity. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check and maintain the brake system.

Car brake maintenance

When need car brake maintenance?

Playing a very important role, the automobile brake system needs to check and maintain the brake periodically. According to experts, car The brake system should be maintained periodically every 50,000 – 100,000 km depending on vehicle usage conditions. With vehicles running a lot in the city using continuous brakes or running a lot on dirt, dirt roads …, more frequent maintenance is required. Same with car old car deep life too.

Car brakes should be checked and maintained periodically every 50,000 – 100,000 km

Car brake maintenance process

Steps for maintenance and cleaning of car brakes:

  • General check of the brake system: Check the brake pedal status, the free play of the brake pedal, the operation status of the brake assist bulb, the general operation status of the brake system, …
  • Check brake fluid: Check brake fluid condition, brake fluid quantity, brake fluid quality …
  • Check the brake fluid pipe system: Check the oil pipe condition, whether there are leaks or cracks …
  • Check and clean the brake pads: Check the brake pads wear (if worn, then replace them), clean the brake pads with a special solution, apply brake pads and related positions …
  • Check brake disc and piston assembly: Check the status of the piston and brake disc, clean the brake disc …
  • Check the handbrake
  • Add brake fluid (if missing)

The brake signs are broken

When the car brake system has problems, there are usually the following signs:

  • Brakes do not eat, brake lightly must step on the floor

At this time, the brake pedal feels loosened and the brake pedal must be pressed to the floor. There are cases where the brake pedal is depressed all the way and the vehicle decelerates very slowly, even if the brake is lost. This is a very dangerous brake error because if the vehicle is running at high speed, it will be difficult for the driver to control the speed.

The brake is not eating is one of the common signs that a car’s brakes are having problems

The cause of the brake is not eating, the brake is light … can be due to the lack of brake fluid, the brake pad is worn out, the cylinder piston lever is bent, the main cylinder is damaged, the brake brake is not correct, the brake pad and drum have problem…

  • Table brake pedal is vibration, low

If you press the brake pedal every time the pedal vibrates, this is an indication that the brake is having a problem. The cause may be that the brake disc is warped, worn unevenly … In addition, the low brake pedal is also a sign that the brake system is malfunctioning.

  • Braking force is uneven

Normally, when you press the brake, the brake force will appear evenly and stable. If the driver presses the brake pedal but the brake force only appears for a few seconds, then it takes again. If this situation is repeated over and over again, there is a high chance that the brake has encountered a problem. The cause may be due to worn brake pads, disc brake wear …

  • Vehicle deflection when braking

Another sign that the brakes are having trouble is that the vehicle is deflected when the brake is pressed. Specifically, when the driver depresses the brake pedal, the car still decelerates, but there is a slight deviation to the left or right. The cause may be due to the brake pads being oiled, the brake pads and drum are not correct, the brake fluid line is blocked, the cylinder is damaged …

  • Brakes make a sound

The vehicle making a strange noise when the brake is pressed is one of the common signs that the brake is malfunctioning. The cause of brake noise can be caused by worn brake pads, loose brake pads, loose brake wheels …

Wearing brake pads often causes the brakes to make strange noises
  • Brake fluid consumption

Car brake fluid will be lost over time, but not too quickly. If the vehicle consumes brake fluid faster than normal, it may be due to a leak of the main cylinder, working cylinder or oil pipes …

  • The brake is jammed

A jammed or locked brake means that the brake does not release even when the brake is released or occurs even when the brake is not depressed. This error is relatively common in the automobile brake system. The sign that the driver does not depress the brake pedal or release the brake pedal after pedaling is still active, causing the vehicle to slow down.

The cause may be caused by broken brake aids, incorrect adjustment of main pump lever, bent brake pedals, defective brake pads, clogged brake fluid lines, broken piston, stuck piston …

  • Brakes are heavy and hard

Normally, when you step on the brake pedal, the driver will have a jet that pushes the brake pedal upwards, but this force is not great. If there is a problem with the brake, this force will be greater than normal, causing the brake to feel heavy and hard. The cause may be clogged oil line, brake assistors problem …

  • Flashing light alarming errors brake turned on shining

The brake fault indicator light is on, indicating a problem with the brake system. The common cause is low brake fluid, one side of hydraulic pressure is lost …

The brake fault indicator light is on, indicating a problem with the brake system

Check and repair car brakes

During the use process, if the vehicle has abnormal signs in the brake system, the owner should also check to fix it as soon as possible.

Braking failure often leads to many dangerous situations, which are difficult to control. A fault in the brake system is not only due to a fault of a part or part, but it can be caused by a series of malfunctions. So when checking the automobile brake system, it is necessary to check in general, all the details inside the brake system.

The details that often cause malfunctions and damage in the brake system should be checked:

Brake fluid

Brake fluid is an important item that is indispensable when testing the automobile brake system. Lots of brake errors stem from a lack of brake fluid. Through checking the brake fluid, the owner will also know the operating status of the brake system.

Car brake fluid is an important item to be checked periodically

When checking the brake fluid level, if it is lower than the specified level, need to add more. In the event of abnormal oil loss, the oil may have leaked somewhere. Should check more on the color of the oil. If the brake fluid is dark, the oil is dirty and need to be replaced.

The source of brake fluid is high quality refined oil. Manufacturers have added the necessary multifunctional additives so that brake fluid can lubricate, transfer fluids, limit brake corrosion …

When buying brake fluid for a vehicle, pay attention to the type of brake fluid. 4 types of oil meet the standards, including: DOT4, DOT1, DOT5, DOT3 … The rest can be mixed with the above four types at a safe rate, but the efficiency will not be high. Each vehicle type will conform to each DOT standard. Before changing the brake fluid, the vehicle owner should find out what kind of brake fluid their vehicle is suitable for. When changing the oil, be careful not to let water get into the brake fluid.

Brake pads

Brake pads are one of the parts that need to be checked carefully and regularly. Because the brake pads must work in very harsh conditions, constantly subject to high friction, they quickly wear out and degrade.

If the brake pads are worn out, the brake performance will decrease, the brakes will sound, the brakes will not eat … The worn brake pads also heat the brake disc, affecting the quality of the brake disc. So, when checking that the brake pads are worn, replace them.

Wearing brake pads will lead to many malfunctions in the automobile brake system

According to experts, the time to change car brake pads is after every 50,000 to 80,000 km of operation. However, to know exactly when to replace the brake pads, you should check the actual wear condition of the brake pads.

Brake disc

Like brake pads, brake discs also work in extreme conditions, so they are easy to wear and deteriorate. The brake disc is not only worn, but can also be warped and deformed if subjected to a strong impact such as a collision, a collapsed car, etc. Brake disc worn or deformed will greatly affect the operation. of the brake system.

Wearing or deforming brake disc will greatly affect the operation of the brake system

Check the brake disc when checking the car brake. If the brake disc is worn unevenly, warping … it is possible to re-brush, adjust without needing to be replaced. According to many experts, the time to replace the car brake disc is after 2-3 years of use. To know exactly when to replace a car brake disc, it is best to check the status of the brake disc.

Brake assist

If the brake assist bulb is damaged, it will cause the brake to be hard, the brake pedal is higher or lower than normal, the braking distance is longer … Therefore, when checking the car brake system, check the brake assist bulb.

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