Commitments in 2018 on brand safety and programmatic (automatic advertising)

Entering 2018, marketers expect perfection of the programmatic, especially in terms of brand safety, with policies for publishers and easy-to-understand guidelines for advertisers ( advertiser).

Advertisers need the assurance that Publisher provides a secure advertising space, free of adult content, free from piracy, or any other violent or illegal activity. Several executives at media and digital agencies have shared the prerequisites for creating a healthy programmatic ecosystem in 2018.

Ensure standard viewability and quality of advertising

Like many other platforms, Oath, the digital content agency of Verizon Communications (also the agency of AOL and Yahoo), wants to assert itself as a leader in brand safety and fraud prevention. and increase measurement. Oath plans to do this by partnering with third-party industry-leading verification firms to ensure standard viewability and ad quality.

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Rico Chan, Director of Oath in Hong Kong to speak: “Brand safety has never been such a hot topic for our industry. At Oath, we are committed to providing a secure and transparent advertising supply chain for Advertisers and Publisher. We do this by focusing on transparency and supporting an open ecosystem. ”

The company plans to work with industry corporations to invest and implement best practices and the latest technologies to protect brands.

Independent and trustworthy test collaborations

According to Criteo, the advertising technology company, its commercial marketing ecosystem will cooperate with retailers, brands and publishers to balance privacy for customers and protect customer data and brand safety in an environment of trust, transparency and fairness.

“We are committed to protecting the brand integrity of our customers and thus creating a rigorous and rigorous ‘blacklist’ control process to enforce our brand safety principles. Our partners must also adhere to and adhere to these principles at all times. We continually evaluate our principles to maintain the highest standards and ensure no breaches in our network., Huang Hanming, Criteo Managing Director in South Asia and China share.

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The marketplace closes private and premium advertising placements

A marketplace of controlled Publisher, typically Publicis and CtrlShift, will ensure advertisers and Agencies are meticulous and detailed in their selection of Publisher partners. The private market introduced by CtrlShift in 2017 will be the main brand safety market of 2018, with a variety of tailored methods to ensure advertiser-friendly content.

Reza Behnam, Co-founder and CEO of CtrlShift said: “Trust, transparency, and control to reach the right audience are critical and can be achieved through CtrlShift’s smart solutions, typically high-end private market, AMP, and others. Smart media management technology like The Hub. It’s time for brands regain control and connect more fully with their audiences..

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* Source: Babar Khan Javed / Campaign Asia


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