Egyptian engineer claimed to locate MH370

Comment on Egyptian engineer locates MH370 by Ismail Hammad

Thank you very much for publishing my study about disappearance of AIRCRAFT mh370. I believe that The hijacker (whoever he is: one of the 2 pilots, one of the crew or one of the passengers) will not find in the north, south or west direction a landing place suitable for this time program that ends with landing just before the first light of the day. but he will find his target destination in the East direction, and he will arrive with the first light of the sunrise to the Philippine archipelago of 7641 islands can choose from them what it fit him to land, especially the group of eastern islands which is the first ground that will meets the plane with the first daylight after flying overnight over the “South China Sea” closing to its sea level, such as the island of “Palawan”, and “Mindanao” as well as the Sulu archipelago and its largest island “Jolo” till the east of Kalimantan or Borneo island at the end of this archipelago which if the hijacker decided to land and hide in it that would have been a smart decision because the follow of the northern part of this island to the State of Malaysia itself. And the overlap of the border lines in this area between 3 countries which makes it a blind area for the Air Traffic Control and these countries are Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippine, also the border lines between the many provinces of this island especially the provinces of The North and The East Kalimantan which are located on the eastern side of the island directly on the coast of the sea so the landing between them may have been the easy and incredible choice especially for the availability of the forests and the large number of the swamps there.
So I think that the search in these islands should be in the abandoned airports and the roads which are suitable for landing, taking into account the inevitable occurrence of the overshooting for this large plane on the short runways of these local airports or the old military airports since the second world war. so the search for the plane must also cover the terminals of these runways and the roads especially in the swamps and the areas of the forests and the bushes. .

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