Only 3 million is enough to mimic Mark Zuckerberg

Command the lights and the electric fan with your voice

3 years ago, netizens all over the world were shocked after Mark Zuckerberg (at that time still a famous idol in the technology world, clean and not “phosphate”) revealed the super modern house of yourself. It is impossible to describe the coolness in a few words, let’s understand that it is capable of interacting, recognizing commands and taking clever actions to support its owner, that’s why why Mark Zuckerberg named Jarvis after Iron Man’s virtual assistant in the film.

At that time, it can be said that the house of the CEO of Facebook is really a standard concept of “smarthome” – an ecosystem of smart devices, sensors and accessories that are connected together in the house. Dynamic synchronization based on commands and data from the owner. It looks like a modern movie but actually it is not a dream too far, because at the present time, just spend X million capital, we can own a similar design right in fingertips.

Note: The list below is suggested based on popularity suggested by many people, not the style that must be followed.

1. Smart speaker

If you intend to imitate Mark Zuckerberg, surely a smart speaker will be an indispensable component and should be considered first. If you notice in his video, all words and commands are listened to in a observant and regular manner by the house, then follow them in an unambiguous manner. With the development of current technology, just one smart speaker with a small compact size is more than enough to set up and satisfy this demanding command.

Familiar and well-known names like Amazon’s Echo speaker (Alexa virtual assistant), Google Google Home speaker (Google Assistant virtual assistant), Apple HomePod speaker (Siri virtual assistant) … all can ensure accept this quest. For Vietnamese people, Google products will be the most convenient and suitable because artificial intelligence technology applied to Google Assistant is highly rated compared to other competitors, not to mention that they are The only brand that supports Vietnamese communication. Therefore, no need to babble to learn a foreign language to interact with the house, just “shoot Vietnamese” comfortably as usual is finished.

Estimated costs: In Vietnam, the Google Home Mini smart speaker version now costs only VND 600,000-700,000.

2. Household appliances and smart furniture

The biggest advantage of smart speakers is the ability to handle integrated artificial intelligence, but it only acts as an intermediary to receive orders. So, after having a virtual assistant as a right hand, the second thing to note is that the connected smart devices help them work together to fulfill the needs of the owner. multiply. Products such as light bulbs and sockets are undoubtedly indispensable items in every home, and they can all directly contribute to the smarthome ecosystem.

– Smart light bulb: Instead of turning on and off manually with a switch, the smart light bulb also allows for remote control through many connection methods, even adjusting brightness, changing colors (that’s right. “smart” substance). Normally, you can control the operation via a compatible application is available, but when connected to a smart speaker, you can absolutely dictate the turn on and off only by voice.

– Smart socket: Unlike a regular socket that only has a mission … exists in one place, the smart socket also allows independent power cut according to the desired state at that place. Controls are similar to other smart products.

– Smart sensor: If you’ve ever seen movies where people just waved, made a few movements to control the lights and equipment, then this is the key to the answer for you. These sensors are convenient in that they are programmed to perform certain action sequences, usually triggered when motion is detected. For example, when installing the sensor at the door, the act of opening the door will be an implicit command element for the devices connected to the sensor. At that time, your yard / living room light will turn on automatically, or smart speakers can also play music at the same time.

Just 3 million is enough to mimic Mark Zuckerberg's super smart house: Ordering light bulbs, electric fans with voice - Photo 2.

It is not difficult to find everyday smart small appliances.

In Vietnam market, there are many brands distributing smart appliances for housing. In particular, Xiaomi is a brand with a more familiar face because of the diverse amount of smart appliances that are strongly introduced, in one shopping session, you can find many things quickly and conveniently at the same time.

Estimated costs: About VND 400,000 / smart light bulb, VND 200,000 / smart socket, VND 150,000-250,000 / smart sensor. If used with basic needs and few people, the total price will be around 2 million is just enough and comfortable, with many product brands such as Xiaomi, Philips, Broadlink …

3. The Infrared Control Department

Hovering through a pile of them still only wandering around lights, sockets with some trivial things, so what if you want to upgrade to control the TV, washing machine like Mark Zuckerberg? The answer will be for something called “infrared controller”.

Just 3 million is enough to mimic Mark Zuckerberg's super smart house: Ordering light bulbs, electric fans with voice - Photo 3.

Broadlink Infrared Control Department and accompanying application.

This is what will help manage and connect the TVs, fans, air conditioners, washing machines … into a common system, thereby linking with the smarthome ecosystem and smart speakers to sync back and forth. The only condition to keep in mind is that the original component equipment (TV, refrigerator, washing machine) must be of a remote control type to function properly. After completing the installation, all of those devices will become “intelligent”, which can be controlled via an app on a smartphone or ordered via speakers to perform the needs.

Estimated costs: 300,000 VND / infrared controller

Thus, with a total budget of about 3 million, you can completely own yourself a miniature smarthome ecosystem. Of course, to reach the level of Mark Zuckerberg’s house requires a lot of other refinements from the owner, which requires both qualifications and deep scratching skills. So unless you are an expert in this area, it will be very difficult to replicate 100% the way Facebook bosses do.

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