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‘Comeback’ Kang Daniel, a sincere story in’Paranoia’ (Comprehensive)


[스포츠월드=정가영 기자] Singer Kang Daniel presents his honest story through a song. I want to express the inner side of Daniel Kang, who has grown into a’paranoia’ that has transferred past time, experience, and pain intact.

On the afternoon of the 16th, an online press conference was held to commemorate the release of Kang Daniel’s new song’PARANOIA’. ‘Paranoia’ is a song that focuses on the inside of Kang Daniel, not on the gorgeous stage. Through the honest lyrics he wrote, he expressed the pain, conflict, and anguish he suffered.

‘Paranoia’ is a new song that Daniel Kang releases six months after’MAGENTA’ in August. Kang Daniel said, “For the past six months, I have been working hard without rest. While working on a new song to be shown, I felt like I would find a new day. While working on the song, adrenaline sprang up. It was a feeling that I had regained my original intentions after a long time.”

The new song’Paranoia’ is an autobiographical story of a treasured and intense style that incorporates his own symbolic keywords into the song. He portrays a tired and exhausted figure in a delusion that cannot escape with the attractive combination of heavy drums, creepy synths, 808 bass, and electric guitar.

‘PARANOIA’ is a word that means’paranoia’. Kang Daniel, who chose to be honest in order to unravel the experiences and emotions he actually experienced, chose the word’paranoia’, which feels a little heavy. He revealed the reason for the song title selection, saying, “It’s a word that feels heavy and has a sense of distance, but it’s something everyone has experienced at least once.”

It would not have been an easy decision to confess the honest inner and hidden pain of Kang Daniel. In particular, I asked why I tried to take out my inner darkness and share it. Then Kang Daniel said, “The job of being a singer is truly a blessed job. It’s because I can express my thoughts and emotions through music.” He said, “Mostly, the dark part inside is the part I want to hide the most. me too. It took a lot of time to come up with this story, but I wanted to talk openly and openly with people living in the same era.”

On this day, Kang Daniel said with strength, “This album contains my self-help stories without strategy or planning.” I thought about conveying my feelings and gaining empathy. Kang Daniel said, “It was the story I wanted to tell, a part of me, and my flesh. So I think I was able to express it well,” he said.

“There were times when everything was overwhelming and difficult. I was proud of my strong mentality to the fans, but it gradually weakened. So I didn’t want to include stories that weren’t true. I have a story about when I took a break because it was mentally difficult.”

Following that, Kang Daniel expressed his gratitude by mentioning his fans and his family. First, Kang Daniel said, “Firstly, fans are the people who make me cool. They confessed that they gave Kang Daniel a lot of meaning and encouraged him.” He then expressed his gratitude for the help of his family and confessed that he had visited many overseas artists’ stages. Kang Daniel said, “I wondered what I was trying to pursue, and I asked myself what I wanted to show while choosing a career as a singer. Thanks to him, I was healed a lot.”

Kang Daniel released a series of’COLOR’ series last year, containing the journey to find his own color. Following the first mini-album’CYAN’ released in March, the series continued with’MAGENTA’ in August.

There was also an explanation about the presentation of’Paranoia’, not the third series. Kang Daniel is a song that contains the key points of the color series that will be released in the future following “’Science’ and’Magenta’. I wanted to tell the story of’the most Kang Daniel-like’ with the message I want to tell.” Then, “I think’Paranoia’ will be a meaningful turning point. If there was energetics in’Science’ and’Magenta’, please think of’Paranoia’ as a trailer for the next album.”

Prior to the release of’Paranoia’, which he worked on initiative, self-review for his musical growth was also achieved. This is because, after finishing the recording of’Paranoia’, he was satisfied with the appearance of himself that he can take out without avoiding the pain of the past. Kang Daniel said, “I thought I had to mature myself. To this end, I looked back on previous albums and looked for things I felt and experienced. While preparing for this album, it seems that I found myself in the past and the lost me. I had a feeling beyond my past. My vision has also expanded.”

While preparing for the comeback, I also confessed about the hard work. First of all, he realized that his inner growth was already ready after recording. I felt the change by being able to talk openly about the pain of the past. As for the visual point of spectating, “All the sets in the music video are connected to the’eye’. Even in the last scene, one of his eyes is shining red,” he said. “I wanted to express that he was looking inside himself.”

The satisfaction of the performance was also revealed without hesitation. Kang Daniel, confident that “this is the beginning of the splendid performance,” leaving the previous work behind, “I tried to show an energetic appearance of’wake up’, and’Touching’ was inspired by the original pop and tried to unravel it. ‘Science’ If you were trying to show the appearance of an American teen movie, I think this’Paranoia’ is a really spectacular performance. I’m really looking forward to it.” He said,’I am greedy, but I am not greedy. It’s a strange state. I am also satisfied with the result,” he smiled.

The beginning of 2021 is announced as’Paranoia’. Kang Daniel was determined to make “I want to make this year the best year as an artist”. Instead, he expressed the effort and satisfaction he put into the new song with the words “I am greedy, but I am not greedy.” He said, “I feel like I showed everything I wanted to show. I want to remain honest and unaffected by myself in the future.” Open today (16th) at 6pm.

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