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Combining remarkable mobile games in the July 3 week

Invite you to check out some new, interesting mobile games, worth noting in the past week to play during the weekend. As usual, I try to focus on free games for easy access, on Android and iOS platforms.

Flappy Royale
Category: One touch

The game is exactly the same as the popular Flappy Bird game, of course this is the "Remake" version and has Battle Royale mode when you can play with hundreds of other players in the world in real time. Of course there will be competition in the process of playing, giving us the feeling to win and be more careful in touch and dodge, not as simple as we used to play alone with the Flappy Bird bird. In addition, you can customize all types with your host, all kinds of animals and shapes, not necessarily birds.

This is a simple but very difficult, and very addictive game like the way Flappy Bird succeeded before.

Sky: Children of the Light
Category: Adventure

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Good game, beautiful graphics, even free, Sky must not be missed for those who are using iOS and iPadOS devices, although not yet on Android, but the game maker said that in the near future will also available on this platform.

Your task is to find the lost stars in the sky, revive them "and" and help them rebuild the kingdom that was once magnificent by the light of the stars but is now collapsed. to dump. Certainly in the process of playing you will be immersed in the story of the game as well as beautiful graphics, who are having iPad, so experience playing on the big screen of the iPad will be great.

  • Download link: iOS (and iPadOS)

Evil Lands: Online Action RPG
Category: RPG

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In return for the Android team, an RPG game with a very nice graphics – Evil Lands, has PvP mode along with other players to explore the human land that has been threatened by demons under the earth cage. However, in the process of selecting characters at the beginning of the game, each character will have a unique strength and weakness, and during the game you will not be selected again. Therefore, you need to consider carefully the character and later build the gear so that it is as strong as possible because this is a long-term game to play.

Category: Quick interaction

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This is a game that requires high skill and quick hand, you will slash monsters continuously under the cage to prevent them from rising – if they rise, they will lose completely. In short, this is a difficult game to play, everything you need to do is slash – use skill – jump – fly, … Very complicated for each level, anyone who likes difficult games should download DownBlade now .

First Summoner
Category: RPG

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This is a game with automatic combat mode, but you still have to mix skills for the character, the thing I like most in First Summoner is the perspective and beautiful graphics. I imagine this is a real adventure game with a nice story. RPG style is not too difficult for many people, but there is also PvP mode so players can complement each other easily.

Gear.Club – True Racing
Category: Racing

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Gear.Club will probably lose to Asphalt by a bit of graphics, but those who love racing can not ignore this game because it has a lot of "strange" cars in the world for us to play while admiring while Asphalt has gathered too many famous cars. Gear.Club is very good for every eye in terms of race effects, controls, player skills, etc., so it's worth paying attention to more familiar Asphalt.

Shadow Fight 3
Category: Confrontation

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Although Shadow Fight 3 is not a new game, it was from last year, but what makes this game successful until now is probably ancient style graphics and many skill effects … too eye-catching . I appreciate this is the best 1vs1 fighting game that you can reach on mobile platform. Not boring monsters or mutants, the characters in the game only have normal boxers following the Chinese and Japanese antiquities, very beautiful weapons and skills are also "Magical".

The Kreator

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If the above games are skillful and think hard, please relax for a moment with The Kreator. During the game, open the music to enjoy the rhythm of play, you are a bright area around the world collecting other small lights to maintain your energy, gradually you will see the world in the game very Beautiful and colorful. The entertainment and beauty of the eyes look great, I believe it will be very suitable for many friends.


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