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Combining movies and screenings: Men in Black, Rocketman, Toy Story 4, …

Last weekend, Friday night will be the occasion for new movies to be at theaters with their first releases. I synthesized some movies that are currently showing as well as about to be shown so that you can refer to and accompany your family / relatives to see the entertainment movies!

Men in Black: International (Global Mission)
Being released (June 14) (13+)

Those who are "crazy fans" of MIB should not miss this period, Men in Black: International has the main role of two agents – the handsome Chris Hemsworth and the veteran Liam Neeson. Another appearance of a new agent is played by Tessa Thompson to become a trio.

Rocketman (Rocketman)
Projecting (June 14) (18+)

Rocketman rebuilds the life of an "artist of the times" – Elton John. From a shy boy to a music superstar and pop icon from about 1970 until now. In particular, the trailer and poster all took the image of Elton John at the most successful live event of his life at the Dodger Stadium in 1975..

Toy Story 4 (Toy Story part 4)
Coming soon (June 21)

Toy Story continues to inspire audiences with a sequel, a story that takes place after Bonnie's stay at home. The new toy character is Forky – he is not really a toy, just a plastic fork and will accompany Woody through many difficult challenges ahead. Another new character is the Bo Peep doll, it is unclear whether Bo Peep will be a good character or a bad guy.

Parasite (Parasite)
Coming soon (June 21) (16+)

The Parasite won the Cannes Film Festival 2019. Note that this is not a horror movie as many people think of the rather monstrous movie poster. The "parasite" here refers to the extreme attachment of poor people living in Korea in a deadlock. The Parasite emphasizes the psychological character and reality of society, so the film quickly embraces the award at Cannes.

I don't "spoil" or say anything about the Parasite, I basically take note of it so that those who think it is a horror movie will go see if it is too short.

Coming soon (June 21)

Horror movie, watching the trailer is quite impressive about a family moving to the suburbs. They left out advice and warnings from those around them, there was a supernatural force that wanted to sabotage from the long past. And everything horror came to this family.

About the plot content is quite "boring" because it has quite a lot of horror movies so far in the way: Move new house – choose the house that is the most rotten but buy (cheap ham) – Already the house is still in suburb – The past has had dead people, fierce haunts – but when you buy it, you have to stay, who says anything ….

Vietnamese swallow wings
Coming soon (June 21)

This is a Vietnamese film that depicts the history of the Vietnam Air Force fighting the US Air Force – Navy, recreating Ham Rong battle in Thanh Hoa, April 4, 1965.

Have a nice weekend!


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