Color trends that inspire 2021

Color trends that inspire 2021

Color contributes a big part to the success of the design, it helps viewers feel the emotion and rhythm of the design. Color trends always change and change over time, here are the top color trends that we may see in 2021, you can research and try to apply to design projects. next next.


1. Neon color

When we explore color trends we are talking about the future, but sometimes we also need to look to the past for inspiration. This is because many design trends have a cycle. Trends can disappear, reappear, and then disappear in seconds.

The color trend for 2021 is reviving the style of the 80s. The colorful neon lights of the old signs are certainly great inspirations. Neon-inspired colors don’t have to be fluorescent and glare. Whether the tones are dark or light, designers are trying to add more strokes and add outer glow to the design for a glowing effect.



Designers: elASTROlabio, makimay, Christopher Reath

Neon colors in a variety of design settings like packaging, book covers or logos.

attachment_71178388-e1575392462685. attachment_81100044-e1575392498286. attachment_111957229-e1575392862756. attachment_104707622-e1575478891703.

Design: A3, bo_rad, Akshat Agarwal

2. Create a transparent fill effect

As we mentioned above, the design trend is cyclical and it also evolves in the following generations. When a coin is revived, it can grow and become more trendy. Over the years, we have seen a lot of Pastel colors used to create overlay roofs. This color effect feels light and subtle and is often used as a background to highlight content. Due to the complex layering involved in color blending, it works best in flat designs like posters, album covers, book covers, or murals.


The trend of color overlays has a long-standing appeal because it creates an interesting, unexpected visual effect. Another point is that it is quite easy to use.

701bd2c1-3270-47b5-ae7a-9ae7f2b7ae83. attachment_99931428.

Design: Randompopsycle

3. Future color schemes

Inspired by futuristic contexts sometimes incorporated into abstract things, designers are very successful at evoking a sense of fanciful and charisma in their designs. The use of saturated blues, purples, and blues has helped the designers give viewers a futuristic, very ghostly and mysterious look, but when used properly, these colors also has a very “High tech” feeling.


attachment_111540205-e1575472516447. ft.


Design: Terry Bogard, Hazki, Vuk N, MadeByStudioJQ

4. Pastel color tones

The pure and gentle pastel colors, although not creating a strong visual effect like other prominent colors, are always favored by women because of the femininity and romance they can bring to the design. Pastel tones give the viewer a cool, fresh, and soft feeling.

Pastel colors that have brought inspiration in the fields of fashion, interior and graphic design are also not out of that influence.


FINAL + 1.9-3. 326. FINAL + LIGHTROOM.

5. Vintage inspired color palette

Classic-inspired color brings us back to simplicity and purity. Gives us a sense of familiarity and nostalgia.

Sure, there’s nothing new about the classics, but what’s worth noting in 2020 is the adornment of the antique style to a more modern look.

attachment_102360544-e1575473970800. attachment_109391728-e1575474084657.
attachment_105339058. attachment_102540891-e1575474029746.

Image: Blukki, SilverFox Design

6. Palette “Dark mode”

Dark mode allows users to experience an interface that is mostly black or gray instead of white. Contrast allows to combine attractive colors with saturated colors that pop on a dark background. Dark mode has become extremely popular in web and app design in recent years. Eyes are easier to see, more energy efficient, and also feel less glare in low-light environments. But by 2020, dark color schemes are no longer limited to web pages, we will basically see them everywhere.

724da062-7cbb-463e-87f9-f677becb82e3-e1575475110499. attachment_99406816.

ui. ui-1.

Designervn on dark tones

7. Unique monochrome color palette

Nothing says harmonious like a monochromatic palette comprising multiple shades of the same color. It’s easy to see, simple to understand. Monochrome design is a timeless trend that will never go away. But in 2020, designers are venturing away from simple black and white designs, focusing on more unique colors.

This color trend allows designers to enhance variation, contrast while maintaining balance and consistency. Another advantage: this trend is simple, but not as simple as the usual black and white designs. Basically, the design uses vibrant colors that aren’t too showy.

85c11923-1def-4bac-a80b-7872eae876f0. dc379d23-0d3a-40df-a9a6-078e95665b0f-e1575476630172.

8. More creative gradient colors

Gradient trend has been widely used by designers from many parts of the world. However, this trend has recently become popular in Vietnam. You can see, at present, many applications, websites, and print designs of many major brands in Vietnam are starting to use this trend.

Gradients provide a smooth color transition and are favored by a lot of users for the fresh colors it delivers.



9. Color Ultimate Gray (Ultimate Gray) and Illuminating (Brilliant Gold)

Pantone color has just announced “Color of the year 2021”, the special feature of this year is that they choose two colors instead of one color as in previous years. The two colors announced by Pantone are Ultimate Gray (Ultimate Gray) (17-5104) & Illuminating (Brilliant yellow) (13-0647).

The Ultimate Gray color is a symbol of solid and reliable elements, lasting forever and providing a solid foundation. The color of the pebbles on the beach and the natural elements resisting time, the Ultimate Gray offers a sense of calm, stability and resilience.

Blue color creates accents for design products and logos because cold tone combination is easy to increase contrast.


January 12, 21


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