Colombian Defense Minister died of COVID-19 |  World

Colombian Defense Minister died of COVID-19 | World

According to the DWThe 69-year-old minister died at the army hospital in Bogotá.

Last Monday, the Colombian government announced that Carlos Holmes Trujillo was in intensive care due to the infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Mr. Trujillo received a positive result on January 12, and was immediately hospitalized in Barranquilla City. Two days later, the minister’s office announced that he had been transferred to Bogotá for further treatment.

Former President of Colombia – Álvaro Uribe said he was deeply saddened by the departure of Minister Trujillo.

Wuhan: Memories of 76 days of blockade of COVID-19

Wuhan City (Hubei province, China) was the first place where the COVID-19 outbreak occurred. A year has passed, although there are no small impacts on economic activities and daily activities of the people, but blockade has still proven to be one of the measures to prevent the spread of the virus. The fastest and most effective SARS-CoV-2.

China has been criticized for trying to distort the COVID-19 and vaccines story

The Chinese state media is trying to highlight doubts about the possibility that the COVID-19 vaccines of Pfizer and BioNTech could cause death in the elderly. A Chinese government spokesman also called on WHO to investigate a US military laboratory.

Poor countries lack vaccines, rich countries will suffer as well

With the COVID-19 monopoly, rich countries could cause not only humanitarian tragedy, but devastating economic consequences that would eventually adversely affect rich countries with levels no less in the developing world.

According to DW, RT


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