Colombia: Vegetarian cooking for 47 people in picture 1The scene of the fire. (Image: El Herado)

According to the Vietnam News Agency correspondent in Latin America, Colombian authorities on July 6 reported at least 7 people were killed and more than 40 seriously injured in a case. car fire fuel tank on one freeway located between the cities of Barranquilla and Santa Marta in the early morning of the same day local time.

According to Colombian authorities, a gasoline-laden tank was overturned on the road in the town of Puebloviejo, in the state of Magdalena, in northeastern Colombia and burned while nearby residents surrounded the vehicle for fuel. from the car in distress.

The official release of Ruta del Sol II, the highway operator in which the accident occurred, confirmed that at least seven people were burned to the point of being “unrecognizable” and more than 40 others were also identified. severe burns, of which 17 were transferred to major hospitals in Santa Marta, Barranquilla and Valledupar for emergency care due to severe burns.

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The agency also said that the truck did not explode, but the flames exploded so strongly that the rescue units could not react to rescue the people surrounding the vehicle, although police forces had previously Try to warn about the danger of a car crashing.

The mayor of Puebloviejo Fabián Obispo Borja called the accident a “tragedy“And forecast the number of injuries could exceed 50 people. /.

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