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Collage Tet photos in Photoshop


It does not take too long and still can collage Tet photos in Photoshop that is the criterion that the following article wants to send to readers, with the PSD templates available and you will only take a little time to align. was able to combine Tet photos in Photoshop.

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When heard of New year photo collage in Photoshop You already feel quite troublesome, right because photo collage in Photoshop always haunts those who are new to Photoshop or don’t know how to use it. But with how to combine photos in Photoshop through the article below will definitely make you think again because we will help you stitch photos in Photoshop extremely simple.

Photo collage in Photoshop

Just a few basic steps in Photoshop are enough to help you collage Tet photos in Photoshop, create your own unique New Year photo through our PSD files available. Also show your creativity in New Year collage in Photoshop, we believe that with the sample below it will definitely help you produce many beautiful works.

Guide to stitching Tet photos in Photoshop

Step 1: You need to download the PSD template file HEREThe file will have the image below and is in PSD state. We will use this file as the root and then develop it according to your needs.

Photo collage in Photoshop 2

In this PSD file contains the following parts that you need to pay attention to:

Model: model photo layer, all parts related to the model such as drop shadow, sample image has separated background.
Roof: This is the Folder containing all the potted plant modifications.
Light: Light folder for the photos, if not necessary you do not need to touch this part.
Gallery: This is a set of folders representing each picture frame, with a total of 9 photo frames.
San: This is the folder containing the floor, if you are not too interested you will not need to use this Folder.

Photo collage in Photoshop 3

Step 2: Now select one of your photos, we will split image and throw it in Folder Model replacement for the original photo sample.

Photo collage in Photoshop 4

Step 3: To separate the background for the image we use a tool called Magic Wand Tools (W).

Photo collage in Photoshop 5

Step 4: Click to circle all the areas you want to delete.

Photo collage in Photoshop 6

The result will be as shown below, of course this is an easy image so you can easily separate the background from the image. If you encounter more complicated cases, we recommend you to refer to the tutorial article separate people from photos in Photoshop to have a more specific and detailed way of doing it.

Photo collage in Photoshop 7

The layer after separating will look like this, now throw it in the PSD file to replace the original image.

Photo collage in Photoshop 8

Step 5: Now we will work with the photo frame corresponding to the Gallery item.

Photo collage in Photoshop 9

Step 6: To replace the original photo, select each numbered folder, go to Artwork and then just delete the Your_artwork, replace it with your other photo. Or just leave your photo on this layer for the same effect.

Photo collage in Photoshop 10

For example the picture below my picture is Layer 15 are on your_artworkSo Layer 15 will be shown above.

Photo collage in Photoshop 11

Step 7: After throwing the replacement photo, remember to use the key Ctrl + T to resize, adjust accordingly.

Photo collage in Photoshop 12

The results after replacing the entire picture frame we have as follows:

Photo collage in Photoshop 13

Step 8: And depending on your ability as well as your creativity, we can add and remove a little bit to create the most beautiful Tet photo collage in Photoshop.

Photo collage in Photoshop 14

The work we do above only illustrates the features in the article, if your work feels better, we should tell ElectrodealPro. With the simple guide to stitching Tet photos in Photoshop above, ElectrodealPro said that it is not difficult for you to collage Tet photos in Photoshop, share your work here after finishing to tell us your achievements Please.

You can also write New Year greetings on your work with beautiful fonts that are popular today, choosing beautiful fonts in Photoshop is also very simple, you just need to download beautiful fonts and install them on your computer, then choose a nice font in Photoshop as usual.
To speed up Photoshop use as well as reduce time for each of your work, it is extremely important to memorize Photoshop shortcuts. Even in Photoshop New Year collage articles we also use Photoshop keyboard shortcuts Therefore, readers need to learn more about Photoshop shortcuts if you want to become more proficient in using Photoshop.



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