ArmA: Cold War Assault game is free and very classic

Cold War Assault is very good and extremely classic

ArmA: Cold War Assault, an attractive tactical shooter game, is being given away for free by developer Bohemia Interactive for 48 hours on both Steam and GOG.

ArmA: Cold War Assault aka Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is the first game in the ArmaA series. In fact, this is not a game that focuses on entertainment but aims to simulate close to reality, so the difficulty is very high and not for the majority as well as impatient players. It is not natural that the game won many prestigious awards, becoming a monument to the birth of the battlefield simulation genre and also used for training in the army.

Currently, developer Bohemia Interactive is giving away free ArmA: Cold War Assault game for 48 hours on both Steam and GOG platforms. Deadline is coming until 1 o’clock (late) on June 25, 2021. The game costs 4.99 USD in the international market and the reference price on Steam is 100 thousand. The game on GOG is a DRM-free version, you just need to download the game and install it on your computer to play comfortably, no need to log in or connect to the network to authenticate every time you play like Steam or other platforms.

Instructions on how to get games on GOG

① First you log in to GOG by clicking Sign in purple on top. If you don’t have an account, click Sign in, choose Create Account (free) and then confirm the newly created account by email.

② Then you go to the GOG page and scroll down a bit, you will immediately see a very large ArmA: Cold War Assault banner with a button Yes, and claim the game On the right, click on it to agree to receive the newsletter sent to the email used to register the account. This will also give you the free ArmA: Cold War Assault game.

If you see the banner change to a sentence Success!! ArmA: Cold War Assault will appear in your account soon. That’s it, you already own ArmA: Cold War Assault forever on GOG. Too fast, too dangerous for the cumbersome steps on Steam!

Note: Don’t forget the giveaway ends at 1 o’clock (late) on June 25, 2021 Vietnam time. Get ArmA: Cold War Assault before this time to own forever on the GOG platform.

Instructions on how to get games on Steam

① You must first register for a Steam account (free) if you do not have one and confirm the registration by email. If so, skip this step.

② Open the Steam app and log in with the account you just confirmed, go to the Store section in the top left corner, enter the keyword arma cold Go to the search box in the top right corner of the application and select the game ArmA: Cold War Assault or/and ArmA: Cold War Assault Mac/Linux is priced at Free depending on which version you want to get, even both is fine.

ArmA: Cold War Assault game is free and very classic

Click Add to Account stay in the middle of the screen and get notifications Success! ArmA: Cold War Assault is now registered to your account on Steam done!

● If it’s not available or for some reason you can’t install the Steam app on your computer, you can also access the ArmA: Cold War Assault game store page using your browser.

ARMA: Cold War Assault
ARMA: Cold War Assault

Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Price: $4.99

Note: If you get an error message The link you followed does not appear to be a valid URL, maybe you already own it without noticing.

Complete the above steps and receive a notification as instructed that you have permanently owned ArmA: Cold War Assault on Steam!

Don’t forget Epic Games Store is also giving away 2 free Hell is other demons and Overcooked games! 2 is very good until 22:00 on June 24, 2021 Please.

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