Cold: mist your face to rehydrate it
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Cold: mist your face to rehydrate it

If you have to protect your skin from the sun in summer, in winter you have to protect from the cold. The latter alters the functioning of the skin barrier and causes dehydration, especially at the level of most exposed areas as cheeks, nose, lips on the face, and hands. Result, we quickly feel struggle, itching, or even flaking.

A simple gesture to hydrate your skin

In addition to applying a daily moisturizer before going out, the Japanese study, the results of which appeared in the journal Skin Search and Technology, offers a simple gesture for protect your skin from the cold.

Simply mist his skin. The study shows that the misting of very fine particles of water helps maintain a good hydration of the skin for about six hours. This also makes it possible to recover a good skin barrier function.

Misting is all the more important in women who are advancing in age, because the sebum secretion is reduced. The skin dries out more and is also accompanied by cellular stress.

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