Is the belt Colby Covington gave Donald Trump isn't the real UFC belt?

Colby Covington donates the ‘fake’ UFC championship title to Donald Trump?

The UFC championship belt that Colby Covington gave Donald Trump was priced quite a bit by the White House compared to the price that has been rumored.

Colby Covington was formerly one of the UFC boxers supporting the former President Donald Trump is the most passionate on social media.

In 2018, during a visit to the White House with UFC President Dana White, Colby Covington presented Donald Trump with a UFC championship belt. It is believed that it was the Interim championship belt Covington received after defeating Rafael dos Anjos shortly before his visit.

Is the belt Colby Covington gave Donald Trump isn’t the real UFC belt?

Donald Trump is no longer the President of the United States, so he will have to leave the White House. On the list of souvenirs, gifts go with Trump, including the UFC belt that Covington gave.

“Former President Trump gifts to be removed include the UFC championship belt donated by Colby Covington, worth $ 650, the bronze statue of Rushmore (with Trump’s face on it) from Kristi Noem,” worth $ 1,100, the Mac Pro was donated by Apple CEO Tim Cook, worth $ 5,999, “the statistics said.

The amazing thing is that the UFC belt Colby Covington gave Donald Trump is only priced at 650 USD, equivalent to nearly 15 million VND. Previously, the President of the UFC revealed to former boxer Rashad Evans that each UFC belt costs 300,000 USD each, which is nearly 7 billion VND.

“Rashad Evans, the former UFC champion, still keeps a belt at home,” Former UFC Middleweight King Michael Bisping said in his own podcast in 2019.

“When Evans asked Dana White, Dana said that each old version belt we have was worth $ 300,000 each. That was what Evans said.”

650 USD vs. 300,000 USD, two figures more than 4 times difference. Because of that, there are now funny meme pictures that Colby Covington is just giving away a witty UFC belt to former President Donald Trump.



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