Coke x Adobe x You: Coca-Cola and Adobe’s creative project for the design community

In October 2017, on Coca-Cola’s social media site, a brief brief was posted, calling on designers from all over the world to design for the company.

The brief was: “Using the tools of Adobe Creative Clouds, create a piece of art that celebrates Coca-Cola, sport, movement, strength and solidarity.”

So far, this Coke x Adobe x You project has received around 1,500 works, from fun cartoon drawings to meticulous hand-drawn productions.


Coke x Adobe x You, Sommerville, Vice President of Global Design at Coca-Cola, said that Coke x Adobe x You was one of the first shots of the strategy to turn clients into co-creators of Coca-Cola: “Project This is really the starting point of a new journey. “

“As you go through each work, you will see an enthusiasm to contribute to our products and our brand,” Sommerville said.

Coca-Cola’s latest experiments in launching short design briefs to… the world over, demonstrate its intention to escape the shadow of its “traditional advertising”. By calling on clients to create designs, Coca-Cola is “disrupting the traditional agency paradigm,” according to The Drum.

Super brief short by Coca-Cola.

At the Adobe Summit 2018 conference at the end of March, David Godsman, Digital Director of Coca-Cola, said that a year ago, the company had embarked on a 5-year digital innovation program, targeting 4 areas. : operations, sales, culture and experience.


In which, Coca-Cola puts marketing and advertising activities in the last – experience segment. And to do that, Godsman not only asks “traditional marketers to be the creators of the experience”, but also wants Coca-Cola fans to be part of its content creation strategy.

“Digital technology keeps us together and creates unified experiences, regardless of geographic or linguistic differences. Digital technology allows customers to engage with Coca-Cola, to create experiences together. that we bring to the market. “

But this doesn’t mean the beverage giant will stay away from advertising agencies. “Coca-Cola loves our advertisers – our partners, and we need them,” Sommerville emphasized. Coca-Cola just loves “discovering mysterious talents” – freelance artists, graphic designers capable of making viral products and “someone who loves working at a coffee shop. Starbucks with a laptop “.

* Source: Young intellectuals


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