Coffee would reduce the risk of rosacea or rosacea

Coffee would reduce the risk of rosacea or rosacea

According to the estimates of dermatologists, 2 to 3% of the French population adult would be affected by rosacea, commonly called rosacea. This skin condition results in redness in the cheeks, or even small visible blood vessels. While the main risk factors remain alcohol, the sun, spicy foods or even stress, role of coffee has long been unrecognized. Contrary to popular belief, coffee is not a factor aggravating rosacea, but a protective factor, by its vasoconstrictor properties.

Published in theJAMA Dermatology On Oct. 17, a large study found that at-risk people drinking four or more cups of coffee a day would reduce their risk of rosacea by 23% compared to those drinking coffee less than once a month.

The study authors drew on data from a large cohort, called NHS II, which gathered a lot of information about the diet, lifestyle and medical follow-up of thousands of nurses between 1990s and early 2000s. And these questionnaires, conscientiously completed every four years, notably contained the participants’ average coffee consumption. In 2005, 82,737 women in this cohort officially indicated whether or not they had been diagnosed with rosacea, allowing researchers to compare the data on this subject.

Verdict: yes caffeine from drinks other than coffee, or decaffeinated coffee, have not been associated with reduced risk, coffee in himself has shown well a reduction in the risk of rosacea, or rosacea. Researchers believe that it is the unique combination of caffeine and other coffee compounds that gives it this protective character, no doubt thanks to vasoconstrictor and anti-inflammatory mechanisms.

This is an observational study and not a randomized clinical trial”, Qualify the researchers. “However, a randomized trial of long-term coffee consumption would be difficult to perform. […]. So we need to rely on large prospective cohort studies like this one, which are the best option to assess these relationships.”, They indicate. “This study proves that rosacea patients do not need to avoid coffee and gives us all one more reason to continue drinking coffee regularly”, Concluded the authors.

Sources: IFL Science; French Society of Dermatology

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