Code Vein – An unconvincing start

Code Vein – An unconvincing start

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Perhaps we do not need to introduce much about the game series Souls half. This "hard-to-horror" role-playing genre has been the game's trend since Demon’s Souls successful and well received all over the world.

And although it seems "a bit late", Bandai Namco decided to rejoin the Souls game with his new card named Code Vein.

However, contrary to the writer's expectations, Code Vein There was an unimpressive start at Network Test this time. So what makes the opening paragraph of Code Vein breathless compared to competitors of the same genre, and will the Bandai Namco game have any bright points worth praising?


Actually Code Vein Initial impression is very good with part … customizing the character. A lot of options are offered so that you can "taste" your baby's hair in the best way from hair, clothing, accessories, eyebrows to vertical or horizontal, coconut nose or flat nose. , Kim Tan's bangs or Chinese braids … (perhaps this is the most time consuming part of experiencing this game version of the writer).

Code Vein - An unconvincing start

After you get bored and satisfied, you will be thrown into a brief tutorial on game mechanics. There are not many complaints at this stage until … The next 30 minutes, you do nothing but go around and watch cut-scenes movies.

After some lengthy cut scenes, you will begin to play the main game with the task of earning Blood Beads – which is a kind of particle that maintains the life of mankind in Code Vein. Your adventure begins and … ten You stumble upon the tutorial again. It is also not understandable for a miraculous reason that the producer has crammed two instructions in just 30 minutes of the game and even they have been repeated together?

Graphic part Code Vein quite beautiful with Japanese anime style, the game also takes care of the small details in the game, the context of the game is also carefully done, exuding the post-apocalyptic world, except only for it's … like God Eater outrageous!

Although the same father is Yuta Yamamoto, it is really a lazy manufacturer to make (close) the original game of this game on the other game (and it seems they do not mean it either) What to do to hide this.

Code Vein - An unconvincing start


Let's go back a little bit about which plot. Way Code Vein The beginning is the same as … several thousand other games. A main character loses his memory, meets a mysterious girl, turns around something and finally the main character will carry "goods" to rescue the world.

An old formula with an old-fashioned hero style, it's hard to talk about what the plot of the game will be like because writers are not allowed to go any further. But when it didn't make an initial impression because the plot was so safe, we needed a game that was enough to convince gamers to dump their wallet and bring the game right back home. But unfortunately the intelligence of the mobs Code Vein Did the writer forget the gameplay of the game is nothing special …

Like other game titles like Dark Souls For example, sometimes you have to run away from wild dogs even when you are high, good things, or play idiot and sell your network to the quackers, exhausted from the disease. Bloodborne. But with Code Vein on the other hand, the freak will be right, except that it is quite well-designed, they are as weak as a bun, so it's a little less intelligent, except the default monsters will rush at you (usually are the monsters hiding at the corner) or do you get close to it, they don't seem to attack first.

And apparently due to fear of "difficult game", the game provides you with continuous "nanny" (starting with Oliver guy, then to mysterious strangers …), sometimes you just need to avoid and let It is okay to fight monsters for nannies. Even play until the stage of meeting the monster "looks like bosses", the game is not much harder than that, the monster is easily defeated after a few simple moves.

Perhaps the brightest point in the game Code Vein is the "Gif" system. From Gif you can create the style of play that best suits you with extremely upgraded lines according to your preference or the standard role-playing game.

Code Vein - An unconvincing start


Present, Code Vein There are still too many shortcomings and perhaps it is difficult to come out in the near future.

Is it time to launch, Code Vein Can I make a breakthrough, or become a bomb filled with regret again? Let's wait and see!



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