Coca-Cola presents its first sample of paper bottles 3 minutes to read

Coca-Cola presents its first sample of paper bottles 3 minutes to read

Just recently, Coca-Cola announced that they are creating their first paper bottle.

However, the repetition of this paper bottle is not just ordinary plants, but the prototype will include a paper shell surrounding a plastic liner and lid.

The bottle innovation is part of Coca-Cola’s World Without Waste, where it plans to collect bottles or cans for every beverage they sell in addition to using possible substrates and materials. 100% recyclable. The brand worked with Paboco on the idea as well as the same company that developed Absolut paper bottles.

“The vision in our intention is to create a recycled paper bottle just like any other paper, and this prototype is the first stepping stone on the road to achieving this.” Stijn FranssenEMEA Packaging Innovation Director at Coca-Cola, said in a press release.

Stijn added: “The plastic we use is made of 100% recycled plastic that can be recycled after use. The next step is to find a solution to create a bottle without a plastic liner ”.

So, will paper bottles be Coca-Cola’s lifesaver when it comes to disposable plastic waste? That remains to be done, but given the brand’s commitment to giving consumers what they want (in fact, Coca-Cola has been recognized as the world’s most polluting brand), Paper bottles might not just be a gimmick.

And that puts a strain on the R&D people at Coca-Cola or Paboco – no one is saying that creating a paper bottle for carbonated drinks would be a simple walk in the park. Any kind of advancement is worth celebrating, even if it’s not a 100% paper vase and won’t be anywhere near a shelf. However, it’s hard to see this as a viable or scalable path in the future as they’ve committed to using more plastic.

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: dieline

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