Coach Mourinho stated directly about Gareth Bale’s chance to play

Recently, coach Jose Mourinho has frankly announced the chance to play for striker Gareth Bale.

Returning to Tottenham in the summer 2020 transfer window with a loan agreement from Real Madrid, Gareth Bale is expected to find his top form again after being disgraced in Spain. However, up to the present time, the Welsh striker continues to bring disappointments in the London shirt.

Gareth Bale hasn’t shown much since returning to Tottenham (Image: Internet)

In a recent interview, when asked about Gareth Bale’s chance to play in the future, coach Mourinho said frankly:

“We all know the hardships he’s gone through over the past few seasons. We all know he was injured, even this season has had a bit of ups and downs for him.

“The important thing is that he trains consistently, trains with his best form and when a player can train steadily, with high intensity, he is ready.”

“Not given the chance but willing to compete and seek opportunities, that is a special player for me. This week he is still training with good intensity. Before the match against Wycombe, we still had training sessions to judge his performance, as well as his confidence.

“If he feels positive and has confidence in himself, he’ll be able to play.”

Tomorrow morning (January 26, Vietnam time), Tottenham will have a trip to Wycombe’s field in the FA Cup match. With only having to encounter a weaker opponent, coach Jose Mourinho is likely to let Gareth Bale start from the beginning.

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