[Có thể bạn chưa biết] Why do we have cavities?

[Có thể bạn chưa biết] Why do we have cavities?

A group of archaeologists found 15,000-year-old human skeletons and found it quite interesting that the teeth of these ancient people had many holes. These cavities have the same cause of tooth decay as today because of the tiny microorganisms that live in our mouths.

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These microorganisms exist with us from birth. When our teeth grow, depending on the type of food we eat every day, certain types of bacteria will predominate and the cause of tooth decay will come from here.

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High sugar diets create an increase in the strain of Streptococci Mutans in the mouth. These microorganisms favor sugar and see sugar as food. When bacteria consume sugar, they produce a byproduct of Lactic Acid. Streptococci Mutans bacteria have resistance to Lactic Acid but our teeth are not.

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Each human tooth is covered by a strong protective enamel but the enamel cannot resist acid attack. This causes degradation of the protective layer, the gradual loss of calcium.

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Gradually, acidic corrosion creates a pathway to help bacteria attack the second layer called dentin. Because blood vessels and nerves are located deep in the teeth, at this stage, cavities are not painful.

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But if the situation continues and spreads through the dentin, the bacteria will continue to go deep into the teeth, touch the nerves and cause pain. If left untreated, the tooth will be damaged and removed.


The higher the amount of sugar in the food, the more dangerous our teeth are in danger. However, prehistoric people did not consume a lot of sugar-containing foods, so what caused their decay?

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While meat-rich diets contain very little sugar, our ancestors also eat roots, seeds, and grains, which contain high levels of carbon hydrate and when encountered enzymes in saliva, carbon hydrate. Transforming into simple sugars, ancient people can still suffer from tooth decay.

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So what do ancient people do when they suffer from tooth decay? The ancient remains of 14,000 years ago show that humans used hard objects to remove the broken teeth. The ancient people also created rough drills to flatten the remaining rough holes and use beeswax to seal deep holes, quite similar to what we do today.

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Today, we are also more at risk of cavities by high sugar foods. After the industrial revolution, the rate of tooth decay increased because we have developed many advanced technologies to make the sugar become cheaper and more popular.

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Currently, the vast majority of human beings suffer from tooth decay. In particular, some people are more susceptible to tooth decay than the rest because genetics have many weaknesses such as softer tooth enamel, but the main cause of tooth decay is due to eating too much sugar.

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Fortunately, we have more sophisticated methods and tools to prevent and treat cavities than in ancient times. We make toothpaste and mouthwash with a small amount of flouride. It helps your teeth stay healthy and promotes the development of yeast to help build a mechanism against acid.

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In addition, when having problems with tooth decay, we use fillings to fill the affected areas and prevent them from getting worse.

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However, the best way to prevent cavities is to reduce sugar consumption and practice clean oral hygiene to remove bacteria and their food sources. This includes regular brushing, flossing and avoiding sugary foods, lots of starches that easily stick to your teeth. Gradually, the amount of sweet-loving bacteria in your mouth will decrease.

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Unlike the prehistoric people of many years ago, today we have the knowledge necessary to prevent tooth decay, the need to do is apply it only.

Source: TED-Ed


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