[Có thể bạn chưa biết] What is fun when being scared?

[Có thể bạn chưa biết] What is fun when being scared?

Right now, many people are lining up in search of fear by taking a roller coaster, visiting a ghost house or going to a horror movie for example. And this is confusing: "What is fun when being afraid?"


Fear sounds negative, but not really bad. When faced with a threat, the body prepares to face the danger by releasing chemicals that change the activity of the brain and body, activating the survival system that makes you run or fight. This frees up energy, reduces pain, and shuts down unnecessary systems like critical thinking to cope with danger. The feeling of no pain, being energized, and not getting caught up in the usual anxious thoughts, all sounds great.

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The difference lies only in context. If you're really in danger, you're focused on survival, not fun. But when you trigger this reaction in a safe place, you can turn to enjoying the excitement of fear. That's why many people scream excitedly in a haunted house but are scared if taken to a real cemetery.

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Fear not only brings joy and spontaneity, doing things you fear can help boost your self-esteem. Any personal challenge, be it in a race or reading a long book, when you pass, you feel successful. Your mind may know that the corpse is not real, but your body does not think so, the fear is real, so when you overcome it, the feeling of contentment and success is also very real. This is the adaptation and evolution, those who have a balance of courage and intellect, who know when to overcome fear and when to withdraw will have a high chance of surviving, having more resources. new food and new lands.

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In the end, fear can bring people together. Because emotions can spread, the brain is capable of recreating the experience on its own. When your friend screams, your own brain triggers the same dangerous warning responses. This not only enhances your emotional experience, but also makes you feel closer to the people you are with.

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Fear is an intense emotional experience and when anything intense is stored very well in your memory. Therefore, if the memory of the horror movie you watch is positive and leaves you feeling satisfied, then you will want to watch the horror movie again.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oetVvR5RQUs

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