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[Cơ bản] A few ways to fix Start Menu errors do not show, hang … on Windows 10

Using Windows 10, you must have met the situation where the Start Menu failed to click or show error. Here are 13 ways to fix Start Menu errors if you see this divine button suddenly becoming sick:

Using System File Checker:

Usually with most errors on Windows 10, the first thing I think of is sfc / scannow. This tool will check the file system for errors or errors, or automatically fix errors. Start Menu is a system process and SFC can check and correct its errors.

To run this error control feature, you just need to open the Command Prompt or Windows PowerShell in admin mode (Run as administrator) and enter the command: sfc / scannow. The process of checking and correcting errors is done automatically.

Turn off or restart virus scanning applications, re-enable Windows Firewall:

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The truth is like joking but I myself had an error with the Start Menu caused by Antivirus software, namely McAfee Internet Security on Windows 10 before. When you find out, many users also feedback that the Start Menu is corrupted by many other Antivirus software such as Avast, BitDefender. So, the error may be in the Windows Search system, the search box integrated on the Start Menu. On Windows 10, this search framework is more complex when you can look up many things from applications to small files to large ones. Sometimes anti-virus software blocks Windows Search from causing the Start Menu to fail, be it not searchable or open.

So if you're using a 3rd party security software and crashing with the Start Menu, you can temporarily disable the active scanning feature of the software.

In addition, turning on Windows Firewall, the default Windows 10 firewall can help fix errors with Start Menu. It seems that Windows Search and Windows' indexing system are very sensitive to security settings.

Reset the Swapfile.sys system

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Pagefile and Swapfile are two important and tightly linked functions on Windows 10. Pagefile helps reduce RAM load by taking a portion of the hard drive capacity to run like RAM in case RAM runs out of space. Meanwhile Swapfile performs the same function but dedicated to Modern (Universal Windows Platform – UWP) applications.

One of the things that often causes lag, slow down and Start Menu errors is Cortana (this is probably part of the reason why Microsoft separates Windows Search and Cortana on Windows 10 1903) so you can reset Swapfile as well as Pagefile. You can find it by going to Control Panel> typing in the search box View advanced system settings> in the Advanced tab, selecting Settings in Performance> in the Advanced tab of Performance Options, selecting Change in the Virtual memory box> ticking and ticking Automatically again. manage paging file size for all drives> press Ok and restart the computer.

Re-establish Cortana:

Cortana is also often the culprit that causes Start Menu to crash or error. The problem lies in the fact that Cortana also search features in Start Menu, now on Windows 10 version 1903, Microsoft has separated but the search is still based on Cortana's AI technology. So if the Start Menu fails, you can try re-register for Cortana in the following way:

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Open Windows PowerShell in Admin mode (right-click the Start Menu button> select Windows PowerShell (Admin) then paste the command line below into PowerShell and press Enter.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$ ($ _. InstallLocation) AppXManifest.xml"}

Once done, close PowerShell and restart the computer, the Start Menu Search will return to work.

Restart Cortana process:

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If the above method doesn't work, try restarting Cortana by going to Task Manager> find Cortana> right click and select End task to turn off the process. When you open the search, Cortana will be restarted.

Use Windows Troubleshooter:

This is the most solvable solution to fix errors on Windows. You can open this diagnostic tool in Windows Settings or Control Panel with the words Troubleshoot or Troubleshooting.

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What we need to find next is Search and Indexing. Click on this line and select Next> select Files don't appear in search results, if you get an error, you can't find the email, search slowly and many other errors, check the remaining boxes> click Next> press Try troubleshooting as an administrator for the system to reset the index of Windows.

Restart Windows Explorer:

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Also a very simple way every time the interface hangs, Start Menu press does not show. The simple way is to open Task Manager (you can press Ctrl + Shift + Esc)> scroll down to find Windows Explorer> right click and choose Restart.

Check the Windows Search service:

Talking about search again, probably the most annoying thing on Windows and it is part of the Start Menu, dragging the Start Menu error too. One way to check if Windows Search is working is to open Run (Windows + R)> type services.msc> find Windows Search and here you can check it in the Status column, Windows Whether or not Search is running (Running status), otherwise start it manually.

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Right-click Windows Search> Properties> in the Startup type you select Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start)> click the Start button below> click OK. Now back to the window above you will see that Windows Search has the status that Running News is running.


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