CNN, NBC, ABC News paid Antifa members for the Capitol footage

CNN, NBC, ABC News paid Antifa members for the Capitol footage

The three news agencies paid the man identified as an Antifa activist to get the footage he filmed inside the Capitol as protesters swept into the parliament area where MPs were Meeting to count votes of Electoral College on January 6. Notably, this man was later charged with civil unrest and violent intrusion during the chaos at the Capitol.

Left-wing activist John Earle Sullivan. (Photo from Utah County Jail)

CNN, NBC and Australian Broadcasting Corp. (ABC) paid John Sullivan tens of thousands of dollars to use the video clips he filmed inside the building, according to court filings.

CNN paid $ 35,000, NBC paid $ 35,000, and ABC paid $ 2,375, according to bills filed with the Federal Court of First Instance in DC.

Sullivan, 26, was arrested last month on several counts on January 6, including violent intrusion, disrupting civil order and committing disorderly behavior.

In the video (some were shot by Sullivan), it can be seen that he illegally broke into the Capitol building and urged the others inside to cause trouble.

Immediately after the chaos, on the same January 6, CNN arranged an online interview with Sullivan and Jade Sacker, another freelance who also filmed many of the pictures inside the Capitol.

Sullivan told the Epoch Times that he was a politician, but told other news outlets that he was part of the anti-fascist Antifa movement. Antifa is a left-wing, anarchist communist network that has caused violence across the country in recent years. Sullivan is also involved in the Black Lives Matter movement, although he has been denied involvement by the leader of the Black Lives Matter Utah.

Sullivan was released on conditional release shortly after being charged and remains free, despite violating the conditions for release. A federal judge on Feb. 16 refused to block him from using Twitter and Facebook, but said he had to stop working for Insurgence USA, an organization founded by Sullivan himself to help lobby for the award. rights and enhancement of “the voice of blacks and indigenous peoples”.

Judge Robin Meriweather, a man appointed by former President Obama, also ordered a 24-hour cessation of surveillance of Sullivan, Politico reported, but said his internet use would be checked by probation officers.

Previously, Sullivan was banned by a judge in Utah from using Twitter and Facebook in another case. Sullivan was arrested last year on riot charges and other crimes in the state. Sullivan argued that what he did in Washington was under the role of a recording journalist, but the authorities said it was just a front line.

“Under the guise of press … he got involved and incited violence, including the kind of vandalism we saw on January 6,” Prosecutor Candice Wong said in court.

Le Vy (according to Epoch Times)

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