Clubhouse: how to get an invitation

Clubhouse: how to get an invitation

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Clubhouse is a social network focused on voice conversation, like a phone call, still in beta. If you want to join the network, you must be invited. There are currently two ways to obtain an invitation: join the Clubhouse waiting list or request an invitation from an existing user. This article shows you how to get an invitation to join the network.

Receive or wait for a Clubhouse invitation

First, start by downloading the Clubhouse app. Know that for now, it is only available for iOS devices. According to the administrators of the social network, the Android version will be released soon.

After downloading the Clubhouse, open the app. On the first screen, you have two options:

  • Sign in if you already have an invitation from a friend. Touch, below the Get your usename button, the blue link Have na invite text? Sign in
  • Get your username by clicking the button Get you username:

To obtain the username, you will need to enter your mobile number in the field on the screen Enter your phone # (Enter your phone number). This must be the phone number you are currently using, it even appears on the screen, as the Clubhouse will send a code by SMS, which must be entered in the field mentioned above. That done, tap the button Next (Next). Then type it on the screen Enter the code we just texted you (Enter the code that was recently sent to you):

In continuity, you will need to Enter your full name . Remember, one of the Clubhouse rules is to use your real name. If you don’t use your real name, you risk losing access to your account or being denied an invitation. The network may ask you to provide proof of identity, which is not possible if you use a false name or try to impersonate someone else.

Now, you can choose your future user name for when you receive the invitation to your account. The username created will be used by network members to find you:

If the chosen username has not yet been used, it will be reserved for you. The Clubhouse will send a message and an invitation to your phone as soon as your account is accepted:

Finally, all that remains is to wait patiently before starting to use the Clubhouse. While waiting, you can watch a recent video of the Clubhouse with Elon Musk.

Photo: © Thomas Trutschel – Photothek via Getty Images.

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