Cloud computing “opens door” for digital transformation of businesses

Digital conversion is the phrase causing “fever” in the present time, with resources and desirable budget. Spending on digital transformation technologies – hardware, software and services – worldwide reached $ 1.3 trillion in 2017.

Expenditure will continue to nearly double between now and 2021, bringing the total amount of global digital spending to over 2.1 trillion dollars.

Leveraging the power of the cloud, businesses can quickly modernize their technology infrastructure and start thinking about how it can serve digital customers in ways. new and more creative.

Cloud – The first tactical move

The principle behind the concept of digital transformation is the same when it comes to all organizations, regardless of size. The purpose of using technology is not only to recreate an existing service in digital form, but also to maximize service quality.

However, the process of digital transformation also faces significant difficulties when there are still many confusions, illusions and difficult to adapt to change. Companies only see the heat of technologies – such as the cloud, Big Data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI) – and think it will be easy to integrate these technologies into the system and reap great benefits.

Cloud computing is the first strategic step when converting numbers.

The story however does not always evolve in this direction. Some processes are difficult to improve and reap the success of emerging technologies, such as AI as a good example. However, with other digital applications – such as cloud storage – now has built a strong foundation on a global scale. Thus, cloud can be seen as the first strategic step when converting numbers.

Use the cloud to improve the whole business process

Taking advantage of the cloud, businesses can modernize technology infrastructure, integrate advanced security and focus on researching new and innovative methods to serve their customers “digital”. Instead of struggling with Big Data and AI, businesses need to move to the cloud first. Through modern, open-minded approaches to technology, businesses can begin to take advantage of cloud computing to help improve their operations, processes, and services.

Cloud storage is considered to play an important role in these transformation activities. Public cloud spending grew at an annual rate of 19.4%, and by 2019 this will total global spending of $ 141 billion, according to IDC reports. SMB contributes about 40% of this total, equivalent to US $ 61 billion.

The companies pioneering this movement recognize that the cloud provides a secure platform from which they can change and thrive. Cloud providers will provide businesses with the flexibility and scalability they need to expand or acquire processing power, available memory, and the need to use software on demand.

Most importantly, cloud service providers are also experts in this area. They will provide strong security capabilities and backup protocols with ever higher reliability than fixed models. Why spend the budget on building, maintaining and protecting digital platforms when businesses don’t necessarily have to? Let the cloud provider do the work for the business – and create a secure solution to the challenges the business business faces.

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