Close-up Tam Chuc Pagoda - The world's largest pagoda in Ha Nam province 3 minutes to read

Close-up Tam Chuc Pagoda – The world’s largest pagoda in Ha Nam province 3 minutes to read

Tam Chuc Pagoda – the largest temple in the world today was built on the foundation of the ancient Tam Chuc pagoda dating back more than 1000 years.

This is a very special pagoda, with a landscape facing the lake with a mountain back (Tien Luc Nhac – Hau That Tinh).

Although many skilled craftsmen of both Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam have been constructed, the whole beautiful architectural block still bears the imprint of the inherent ancient style of Vietnam.

Tam Chuc Pagoda complex (Kim Bang, Ha Nam) covers an area of ​​nearly 5,100 hectares, including nearly 1,000 hectares of lakes, 3,000 hectares of rocky mountains, natural forests …, along with many valleys, 3 sides surrounded by mountains. That Tinh is shaped like a throne, before is Tam Chuc lake with 6 mountains.

The premises of Tam Chuc pagoda are up to 144 hectares wide, with many works such as Ngoc Pagoda, Tam The Palace, Phap Chu Palace, Quan Am Palace, Tam Quan Gate, International Conference Center … Not only has a large area but also There are works built here that are all expected to reach new Guinness records.

Editor: Nam Vu

Source: Fnews

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