Close up of neck camera for Vietnamese traffic police - Photo 2.

Close up of neck camera for Vietnamese traffic police

From July 15, the traffic force of the whole country deployed troops to handle traffic safety violations (TTANGT). To ensure the handling of violations is objective, the Traffic Police Department has equipped a personal camera system for members of the working group to record and record the entire process of operation in the working shift.

Through research, this is a body-mounted camera in the form of neck strap, first equipped for the Vietnam traffic police force. The product is provided by Audax, a company specializing in manufacturing wearable cameras for specialized forces, based in the UK.

Audex chest camera. Photo AudexSecurity

On the company's website, the camera model is similar to the product used by Traffic Police Vietnam with a compact design (150g) and integrates many modern technologies. The latest 2019 version has a movie dial and infrared sensor on the front, with night-time recording of up to 10 meters. The device is water and dust resistant according to IP67 standard, equivalent to iPhone X.

The front of the camera has recording, capture, and speaker buttons and microphone. The 140-degree wide-angle lens, 36-megapixel sensor for photo and video recording has a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1080. The color LCD screen on the back is 2 inches in size with high visibility. The device also integrates GPS to track location, via specialized software.

Internal memory capacity is 32/64/128 GB and no memory card is supported. The version used in Vietnam is 64 GB, can record in 8 consecutive hours. Data can only be removed or deleted via the USB connection to the computer and requires a password when operating.

Audax started offering camera body products since 2005. Its products were used in the G8 (2005) conference in Scotland. In addition, Audax's equipment is also equipped for some Plymouth police forces and the British government's internal office.

Camera has a role to monitor both violators and traffic police. Photo of CAND

In this round of military deployment, in addition to using the monitoring and handling system of violations of traffic safety regulations, functional forces also used speed gauges to detect violations and notify patrol and inspection teams. control, stop vehicles, control, handle. In cases where the means cannot be stopped immediately, they will notify the violators to settle them according to regulations.

Major Nguyen Truong Son, Deputy Head in charge of Traffic Safety Team No. 2, Guide to patrol and control road traffic to share with newspapers CAND that the leader of the road handling team will have a surveillance camera on him. These comrades will directly supervise violations such as not accepting errors, arguing and arguing, not coordinating against the working group, the camera will record all images of evidence to have grounds. handling.

"The camera attached to the people of the leaders of the working group not only supervises violators, but also supervises soldiers in the working group if there are violations," Major Son affirmed and added when With cameras, people also raise awareness because when all gestures, actions, and words are recorded, they will be more cautious.

Refer CAND, Audax Security

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