Autonomous Electric Transport (AET) has absolutely no steering wheel, pedals, windshield, and no cabin.

A Swedish automaker has just launched an electric, unmanned truck called the Autonomous Electric Transport – AET.

The new AET model will have 4 versions. The first two versions – AET 1 and AET 2 – had a speed of over 30 km / h, weighed 26 tons, had a payload of 16 tons and a battery could run 130-180 km on a full charge. The AET 3 and AET 4 are similar in weight and payload, with maximum speeds of 45 km / h and 85 km / h respectively.

The four versions will have different range or self-driving conditions. The AET 1 is designed to operate within a geographical fence or a defined geographical area, while the AET 2 is allowed to move outside of the geographical range using the remote control. The AET 3 is designed to run in the countryside and the AET 4 to drive the car on the highway.


The manufacturer claims its new vehicles will “reduce transportation costs by up to 60% and staggering CO2 emissions by 90%”, a claim that has not been able to verify reality, as the company does not have a claim. Complete business tissue.

This car is using Nvidia’s self-driving software to reach Level 4 (meaning the car will run, operate, and completely drive free under certain conditions). The car can also be controlled remotely, traveling hundreds of miles using Phantom Auto teleoperation technology. Using this technology could help Einride overcome obstacles caused by driving terrain. It is expected that the car will be put into use in 2021.


However, the image of driverless cars will change the workforce quite a bit. In the US, there are 4.4 million driver-related jobs; of which, road transport works about 2.5 million. A recent study found that autonomous trucks could reduce demand for drivers by 50 to 70 percent in the US and Europe by 2030, and 4.4 million out of 6.4 million professional drivers in both continents will become redundant.


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