Just a few days after its US launch, the cloned AirPods Pro will flood China camp

Clone AirPods Pro will flood China after only a few days of sale in the US – VnReview

Apple's iPhone models are in the middle of a tense battle between the US-China trade war, but it can't stop the company's new AirPods Pro from being hot. This is the reason that processing factories in China are rushing to produce knock-off shipments to meet domestic demand.

Apple launches iOS 13.2, supports AirPods Pro and adds Deep Fusion photography technology

How much will AirPods Pro cost?

A Fu surnames who are currently selling in the Hualien North Commercial Street in Shenzhen, who also runs an online store on the WeChat platform, said: "Soon we will see people selling headphones similar to the Apple AirPods Pro, probably in the next 2 or 3 days."This is what she identified on Tuesday morning, just hours after Apple announced the new product.

The latest model from Apple has added active noise cancellation thanks to the chip
"homegrown" H1. The official selling price of this product is 1,999 yuan (about 283 USD), while the AirPods version with wireless charging case is currently sold at 1,558 yuan.

Prior to the lackluster sales of iPhone phones, AirPods gradually rose to second place on Apple's list of best-selling products of all time, namely by Bernstein Research estimates, sales of This product has increased by 70% in just three months since April 2019, helping the company earn about 2 billion USD.

While more than 25 million people around the world currently own Apple-branded AirPods, there are still young people in China using counterfeit products. According to a Sina Tech survey of 70,000 people, 60% of respondents said that AirPods Pro was too expensive, 20% wanted to own this product, while the rest decided not to upgrade. Level up new products.

Tham Quyet is a city famous for giant technology brands such as Huawei Technology and Tencent, but it is also home to companies that specialize in producing fake goods and cheap phones to sell to countries. is growing, where prices are readily available for electronics.

According to Fu, in that fake AirPods headset is one of the popular electronic products sold directly and online here. She also said that, depending on the material and workmanship, these fake items can be sold at prices ranging from 69 to 299 yuan (about 10–42 USD), equivalent to 4.4% and 19 % price of real product.

Ms. Fu said: "For high-end headphones priced at 299 yuan, they have the exact same design as the AirPods, and even fake the display effect on the iPhone screen when connected to these headphones."There are also many reviews on YouTube praising the quality of these Chinese fake headsets, many claiming that the 299 yuan model is not only similar in design but also in sound quality.

According to Ms. Fu, the price of the first fake AirPods Pro will be relatively expensive due to the cost of the mold for the new design, but she predicts that the price will drop rapidly after the demand of buyers gradually stabilizes. .

"This is a product that depends on the needs of the buyer, so I can not predict the price of the AirPods Pro clones.", Fu added.

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