Clip of US reconnaissance aircraft burned down in the base

Clip of US reconnaissance aircraft burned down in the base

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                        On January 5, a US Air Force reconnaissance plane parked in the base was attacked and burned.

The attack occurred at an air base in Kenya and the element of the attack was determined to be carried out by Somalia’s extremist armed group Al-Shabaab (Youth Party).

The attack destroyed several aircraft, including the C-146A Wolfhound operated by the US Special Operations Command and a modified Havilland Canadian Dash-8 spy plane, bearing the civil registration number N8200L. also of America.

The clip of the US sat airplane is caught in the can
American reconnaissance aircraft caught fire when attacked.

The published image shows that the US reconnaissance plane was attacked in two halves. The front fuselage of the plane burned only the pile of scrap iron, only the remaining tail helped to recognize the aircraft.

It is particularly dangerous according to the Al-Shabaab group’s claim that the group “effectively controlled part of the Simba military base”. The Al-Shabaab group began an attack on the US military base starting on the evening of January 5.

A local witness said he had seen black smoke rising from the Simba base of the US military. Some residents have heard the loud bang of the car bomb. The attack is thought to break the defense line of the US military base.

However, the battle lasted until early morning, Al-Shabaab forces were still unable to fully capture the base. In order to avoid air strikes, Al-Shabaab decided to withdraw, but part of the base is still under the control of this armed group.

The Simba US military base is located on the Manda Bay along Kenya’s coast. Somalia’s Al-Shabaab chose to attack this place mainly because the US military had fewer than 100 soldiers stationed here, the troops were quite weak, they could easily take action.

Almost simultaneously with the attack on Kenya’s base, two other US military bases in Iraq were attacked by armed elements. According to Russia’s TASS news agency on January 5, a number of rockets were fired at the US ballad air base at around 2 pm on Saturday, January 4 in the Middle East.

The US command center in Mosul was also attacked. The attacks followed the assassination of Iranian General Suleimani of the United States. It is very likely that pro-Iranian Shiite militants have acted in retaliation for the American forces.

Although Iran has not directly participated in two attacks on the US military, it is clearly also preparing for large-scale retaliation against Washington.

Clip of US aircraft caught fire in the base



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