Climate ENvironnement JEUnesse before the Court of Appeal

Climate ENvironnement JEUnesse before the Court of Appeal

The ENvironnement JEUnesse organization will take a new step in its climate action against the federal government by presenting its arguments to the Quebec Court of Appeal on February 23.

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The organization thus wishes to authorize collective action on behalf of 3.4 million young Quebecers to force Ottawa to respect its commitments. He has already been dismissed in Superior Court in 2019.

“Over the past 25 years, we have never met our climate targets. So it’s all well and good to have big words and big commitments on the international scene, but this has to be concretely translated in our country into action plans and results that are credible. ”Said Catherine Gauthier, Managing Director of ENvironnement JEUnesse at TVA Nouvelles justify the relevance of this legal process.

“The science could not be clearer: climate change poses major risks for our lives, for our environment, for biodiversity,” she added in a statement.

“I worry about my future, that of the children and the generations to come. And I’m not the only one. ”

The objective of the collective action is to uphold the fundamental rights of young people with the rights to life, security and equality which are guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, but also the right to live in an environment healthy, defended by the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms.

“The courts are the ultimate bulwark that can force governments to respect the fundamental rights of young people against the electoral myopia of politicians,” said Anne-Julie Asselin, lawyer at TJL, which represents the pro bono organization.

ENvironnement JEUnesse filed the very first global collective action for the climate in 2018.

“I hope that the government will know how to put itself in the shoes of young people and thus take bold and concrete measures to fight against the climate crisis and to restore our confidence in the future”, concluded Amélie Beaulé, 17, youth member. of the board of directors of ENvironnement JEUnesse.


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