“Click and Collect”: A new form of delivery in e-commerce

Over the past decade, a number of e-commerce companies have also begun to focus on investing in improving delivery services in the form of “Click and Collect”.

In recent years, e-commerce has grown strongly in the retail sector in many markets around the world. In 2017, e-commerce accounted for 17% of total retail sales in the UK, and this rate in the US was 9%. However, according to Clark Boyd, a content marketing specialist, one quite important step that most e-commerce companies often do not pay adequate attention to, is the delivery process.

This is the period when the relationship between the consumer and the business moves from the digital environment to the physical one. The last good or bad impression of a seller also arises from these times. Errors or delays in the delivery process will prevent customers from buying from the business anymore.


Statistics also show that 56% of online shoppers rate delivery as one of the most important factors, while 78% of retailers say sales increase as more selections are generated. choose the form of purchase for customers.

In fact, in the past decade, a number of e-commerce companies have also begun to focus on investing in improving delivery services in the form of “Click and Collect”. This is the form in which customers, after ordering online, will choose the location to receive the goods (Collect). At the payment stage, instead of choosing a door-to-door delivery method at home or work, customers can choose other delivery points that they feel most convenient to pick up their goods by themselves.

At the forefront of this form of delivery is Amazon with its Amazon Lockers service, which is opening up all over the US and Europe. This service is completely free, minimizes errors and shortens delivery times significantly, allowing buyers to receive goods within the same day. In the UK, 50% of consumers said they chose this form of delivery when they bought their products online last year, while in the US it was 27%.

And recently emerged in the “Click and Collect” delivery service in the UK market as HubBox. Consumers who purchase online from HubBox-integrated retailers can choose the most convenient delivery location from among more than 3,000 delivery points affiliated with HubBox, including stores. Convenience stores, pharmacies, and laundry shops across the UK.


In addition, customers can also choose the most suitable pick-up time for them because 80% of these delivery points are open until 9-10 pm, 82% open seven days a week. Customers after placing an order will be regularly updated on the delivery schedule and can pick up goods within 14 days after the goods have been delivered to the destination they have selected.

The winners of e-commerce will be companies that are able to create a smooth experience for customers both during delivery and not just at the ordering process.

“We founded HubBox because we believe there are better ways to do delivery for both consumers and retailers than with today’s forms of delivery. We realize that the transport and logistics industries have not kept pace with the strong growth of e-commerce and have not created new experiences and values ​​for customers.

The difference of HubBox is that we mainly focus on the form of “Click and Collect” as a technology instead of seeing it as just an auxiliary service like many other forwarding companies. When using the “Click and Collect” service of other suppliers, retailers must always use their own delivery service, while using this service of HubBox, retailers can still choose For other companies’ shipping services, HubBox only adds delivery tracking software and delivery point network, ”Sam Javis, CEO of HubBox shared in an interview with ClickZ.

“E-commerce will dominate the retail industry in the future. And the winners in this area will be the companies that are able to create a smooth customer experience both during delivery, not just at the ordering process. More than ever, customers don’t want to waste time waiting or moving to pick up their goods. But convenience for different customers will have to be understood differently. Companies need to know their customers well and give them the options they expect, ”Javis said.


Nhat Nguyen
* Source: Saigon Businessman


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