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Clever answer to the interview question “What are your weaknesses?”

“What are your weaknesses?”, How will you respond when you receive interview questions from employers?

If your answer is “I have absolutely no weaknesses”, or “I don’t know what my weaknesses are” then I’m sorry to say you’re sorry, you’re out.

Anyone, whether very talented, intelligent or pursuing the school must be perfect, has at least one weakness.

The main question of this employer is not to make it difficult for you, but simply to find out whether your weaknesses hinder you much at work, whether you adapt quickly to the working environment. just not. So, be honest when giving answers but only to a certain extent.

What are your weaknesses?

Here are a few suggestions you can refer to for an impressive interview.

1. Talk about an unimportant weakness

Analyze important skills and strengths needed to get the job done well at the position. Then, talk about a weakness that does not affect the job.

For example, you can share your weaknesses or tremors when giving presentations to a crowd when applying for a nursing position.

2. Refers to the weaknesses you have overcome

You can also offer a skill that has been flawed in the past, but after going through the process of working at an old company you overcome it. Be clear where you started from, what you did and what you achieved. This will help you show your employer that you are self-conscious, progressive, and not afraid of failure and effort at work.

Note: You should not mention skills important to the position being interviewed.

3. Turn a weak point into a strong one

Instead of talking about their weaknesses, many people list their strengths. You have to consider this tactic if you choose this strategy because it may make employers think that you hide your true weakness. Make sure you are clever enough, smart when choosing this way.

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