Cleaning up the rubble, Mr. Biden faced a mountain of difficulties

Cleaning up the rubble, Mr. Biden faced a mountain of difficulties

(News 24h) – New US President Joe Biden said that urgent measures are needed to deal with the deepening crisis in the United States.

US President Joe Biden said on January 24 that the economic crisis in the United States, arising in connection with the COVID pandemic (Coronavirus), is getting deeper and decisive and urgent measures are needed. government to overcome this crisis.

Previously, Mr. Biden and his advisers have criticized President Donald Trump for being irresponsible to the death of the American people when doing nothing before the new wave of coronavirus, refusing to accept defeat, diligently petitioning for the election issue, making the epidemic worse and worse.

The Politician of the Democratic Party also pledged that his top priority after coming to power (January 20) is to “clean up the mess” that his predecessor has laid out, pushing back the big translate COVID-19 and revive the seriously recession US economy. And now, the new President of the United States has embarked on this difficult task.

“The crisis just got deeper and deeper. The situation has not improved, the crisis has deepened. Yesterday, we learned that up to 900,000 Americans applied for unemployment benefits” – Biden said in speech at the White House.

The American leader pays attention to the fact that, in such a situation, the state should and should help the people, as this is an urgent economic need. In this regard, the President pledged to take “bold and decisive” actions.

Don't worry, Mr. Biden is very busy
Mr. Biden became President of the United States in the context of the US economy facing difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Realizing his claims, shortly after taking office, Mr. Joe Biden signed two executive orders to mitigate the impact of the epidemic on the American people.

The first is providing assistance to families affected by the crisis, the second being the minimum wage of $ 15 per hour for federal employees and contractors, and adopting the so-called “urgent leave. level “.

Biden also said that people arriving in the US from abroad on flights will have to comply with quarantine after entering the country. In addition, with his first decrees, he extended the requirement for masks to be worn when citizens travel between states by train, plane and bus.

Mr. Biden also signed a decree to bring the United States back to WHO, as this is crucial in coordinating an international response to COVID-19, increasing readiness to respond to pandemics and outbreaks. in the future and improve everyone’s health.

To combat COVID-19, Biden also signed a decree creating the position of “COVID-19 Response Coordinator”. This Coordinator will report directly to the president and will be responsible for coordinating all elements of the COVID-19 response within the government, including: Manufacture, supply and distribution of vaccines; testing and protective equipment.

In addition, all departments will be ordered to review any previous administration actions over the past four years deemed “harmful to public health, harmful to the environment, unsupported. supported by the best available scientific evidence, or not for the national interest ”.

It is known that the United States is the country with the highest number of infected people and deaths in the world caused by COVID-19. From the beginning of the pandemic to January 24, 2021, more than 25 million people were infected in the United States, and more than 417,000 people died in the coronavirus pandemic.



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