Classic strategy, history beckons

Pep Guardiola’s impressive tactical calculations and Mahrez’s shine helped Man City defeat PSG, thereby progressing to the Champions League final.

Entering the game in a forced win, PSG soon pushed up the squad to impose the game against Man City from the start. In fact, the visitors somewhat well managed to control most of the ball and created remarkable opportunities for Ederson’s goal.

However, Man City proved that they were not surprised by the way the stone approached the opponent’s height. Understand but the host is the team that knows how to make a difference.

In the 11th minute, Man City organized a very quick counterattack from Ederson’s opening ball. Zinchenko returned De Bruyne, the Belgian midfielder’s kick was unsuccessful but it allowed Mahrez to clear his right foot neatly, opening the score.

Mahrez opened the scoring from a quick counterattack. Photo: Getty

Receiving cold water, the team from France soon regained the spirit to organize attacks. They are still an impressive ball control team and create many remarkable shots, but the blackness makes Marquinhos unable to score after a header hit the crossbar. 1-0 is the result of the first half.

Entering the second half, there continued to be a pressing effort from PSG, but when Mbappe could not be obtained, the remaining attacking stars of the visitors were completely helpless against Man City’s closed defense.

Unable to get a goal, first half scenario repeated. In the 63rd minute, Man City made a speedy counterattack, Foden stretched to clear the deck for Mahrez to cushion the ball near the wall, doubling the gap for the home team.


It was Mahrez who put an end to the PSG. Photo: Getty

Being led with a big gap, PSG also had an additional disadvantage when Di Maria was sent off in the 69th minute. With only 10 people playing, the visitors were completely helpless for the rest of the match.

With Man City, a 2-0 victory and a total of 4-1 after 2 matches is enough for them to have the first time in history to reach the Champions League final.

Final: Man City 2-0 PSG (Total: 4-1)

Scored: Mahrez (11 ‘, 63’)


Manchester City: Ederson, Walker, Stones, Dias, Zinchenko, Fernandinho, Gundogan, Bernardo, Mahrez, Foden, De Bruyne.

PSG: Navas, Kimpembe, Marquinhos, Verratti, Paredes, Icardi, Neymar, Di Maria, Herrera, Diallo, Florenzi.

90 + 2


90 ‘

The second half has 2 minutes of stoppage time

85 ‘

Aguero came on to replace Foden

82 ‘

Gabriel Jesus and Sterling replaced De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva

77 ‘


Foden decisively put the ball into the PSG post

75 ‘

Danilo and Dagba came in to replace Paredes and Florenzi

69 ‘


Di Maria played badly with Fernandinho, a red card for the Argentine star

63 ‘

ANDOOOOOOOO! Man City 2-0 PSG (Total: 4-1)

Man City made an exemplary counterattack, Foden stretched too smoothly for Mahrez to cushion the ball near the wall to increase the score to 2-0.

Direct Man City 2-0 PSG: Di Maria was chased 42123

62 ‘

Moise Kean and Draxler came on to replace Icardi and Herrera

sixty one’


Herrera volleyed quickly but Ruben Dias flew to an impressive clearance

54 ‘


Foden faced Navas in a very empty position but failed to beat the PSG goalkeeper

49 ‘


Di Maria stepped out very quickly, but the ball did not pass Man City defender

forty six’


45 + 3 ‘


45 + 2 ‘


Mahrez and Bernardo Silva launched two consecutive shots, but PSG’s goal was still standing

45 ‘

The first half had 3 minutes of stoppage time

36 ‘


Ander Herrera is determined with his left foot, but the ball goes over the bar

30 ‘


De Bruyne plopped from outside the box but missed the ball

19 ‘


Benardo Silva’s mistake gave Di Maria the chance, but the ball missed the post very unfortunately

17 ‘

The ball hit the crossbar!

Marquinhos turned high and headed after Di Maria’s cross, but the ball hit Man City

16 ‘

Neymar takes the free kick without going through the fence

Man City 1-0 PSG: Mahrez opened the score 42120

11 ‘

ANDOOOOOOOO! Man City 1-0 PSG (Total: 3-1)

Man City counterattacked quickly from the opening phase of Ederson. Zinchenko returned De Bruyne, the Belgian midfielder’s kick was unsuccessful but it allowed Mahrez to clear his right leg neatly, opening the score for the semi-final second leg

Man City 1-0 PSG: Mahrez opened the score 42118


VAR intervenes! There is no penalty when the ball is confirmed to just touch Zinchenko’s shoulder

7 ‘

PENALTY! The ball touched Zinchenko’s hand in the Man City penalty area

5 ‘

Players on both sides made quite a few broken passes because the snow was falling very hard at Etihad

Direct Man City 0-0 PSG: The visitors pressed the pitch 42116



F5 to update the match progress …

Direct Man City - PSG: Mbappe sat 42113

Direct Man City - PSG: Mbappe sat 42114

Direct Man City - PSG: Mbappe sat 42115

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