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[Classic Garage]The ace killer on the road of generosity! HONDA「HX135 SS」

When it comes to the Dadu Road in the 1980s, what do you think of? Is it the empty foreground of the crowds late at night on the weekend? Or the sausage stall assembled at the end of Chengde Road? Or who can become the fastest legend today?

In that closed age, there was no entertainment channel for the Internet or mobile phones, and “racing racing” seemed to be a way for young people to vent their energy.

The air at the beginning was filled with the smell of the two-stroke engine and the harsh turning sound. At this end of Dadu Road, dozens…or even more than a hundred locomotives had been assembled. When the start signal sounded, the rider said The flesh and blood drove the cold machinery and roared towards the road ahead…

In addition to Yamaha’s RZX 135, the two major second-stroke light-level Ares on Dadu Road, the other is today’s protagonist “Honda HX135 SS”.

The era of Mercedes

At the end of 1984, Gwangyang Motor Body was one of Honda’s second-wheel dealers in Taiwan, and launched the epoch-making masterpiece “HX 135”. The HX135, commonly known as the “ace”, with the aura of its parent factory Honda, and with the blessing of the GP500 event, it became a topic in the Taiwan market when it was launched.

▲The catalogue listed at the time in 1984 (picture taken from the Internet)

At that time, when most of the 125-gauge light-duty cars used round steel tube frames, the HX 135 used a square steel tube diamond frame for the first time. This was the Honda engineering team referring to the technology and information of the GP racing frame and then transferred it to HX. 135 car series. The streamlined appearance derived from the VT 250F gives the HX135 a sportier feel, but the front disc brake with a steel wire frame has a more retro flavor.

▲1982 Honda VT 250F (picture taken from the Internet)

Responding to minor changes in rivals at the same level

After the HX 135 went on the market, most of its opponents had aluminum alloy steel rims and other equipment with more running specifications, especially after Wanshan launched the Yamaha RX 125 to compete in the ring. In 1986, Guangyang again upgraded the HX 135 under the RS name. response.

It can be seen from the catalogue at the time that the HX 135 RS not only introduced three-spoke aluminum alloy wheels, but also added a lower spoiler and the “mainstream” double-sided boxes at the time. Most of these configurations also continued to the final HX135. SS up.

▲According to the standards of the time, the HX 135 RS with the side case really has a “big and luxurious” feeling. But why did the ATAC organization become a “tank cylinder”? (The picture is taken from the blog of the old car celebrity AR East)

Although the HX 135 has regained the title of popular car after the facelift, the Yamaha, which has always been a mess of technology, always has a way to counterattack more exaggeratedly after the opponent makes a move. Under the urging of the Taiwan Gongxue Society, the rival is mixed. The RZX 135 chasing windmill series finally came out in 1986.

Sometimes I am and, in the name of SS! The final version of Ace comes out

The menacing RZX 135 also holds the title of the world’s GP racing car manufacturer. In addition, it has the same power performance as the HX 135, but with the advantages of the international six-speed gearbox and the lighter weight and cheaper parts and maintenance, it can be said to be Once again threatened the ace’s championship status.

For this reason, Gwangyang had to work together with the Japanese Honda parent factory to optimize the combat power of the HX 135 RS. After replacing the hood, gearbox, rear shock and exhaust pipes, Gwangyang reappeared under the name of HX 135 SS. After the facelift, the momentum and vow to keep opponents from catching up with the wind…, but everyone knows the later results. After the reorganization of the Gongxue Society and Wanshan the following year, Yamaha, whose technology tree is still messy, built a full car fairing. The RZR 135 was launched. At this point, even if you get four Aces trump cards, it seems hard to come back….

By the way, Honda is not a fuel-efficient lamp, the successor model NSR 150 can be said to have brought Yamaha to the army, but these are another story…

ATAC technology blessing

The first-generation Taiwan HX 135 uses a 133c.c air-cooled two-stroke single-cylinder engine, which can output 19.5ps of power at 9000rpm, and is equipped with Honda’s exclusive Auto-control Torque Amplification chamber-ATAC (Auto-control Torque Amplification chamber). ) Device.

The principle of the ATAC device is to use the feature of the two-stroke engine without valves to adjust the exhaust time by controlling the difference in the height of the exhaust port to achieve the purpose of exhaust tuning.

The difference between it and the general exhaust system is that an air storage chamber and a control valve are designed outside the exhaust port; when the engine speed is low, the air storage valve opens and the height of the exhaust port is reduced, and the exhaust gas will enter the storage during exhaust. Drain from the chamber. At high speeds, the control valve of the air storage chamber is closed and the height of the exhaust port returns to normal at the same time, allowing exhaust gas to enter the exhaust pipe earlier.

The advantage of this is that at low speeds, the back pressure transmission time is longer, which strengthens the filling effect of this speed range. Therefore, good exhaust coordination can be obtained at low speeds, and the TorqueBand at low rotations can be improved. At high rotations, the back pressure will be reduced to restore the two-stroke high rotation output characteristics. Therefore, the output balance between low and high speed domains is taken into consideration.

The operating principle of ATAC is to control the opening/closing time of the valve by using the crankshaft speed to drive the connecting rod through a mechanical device similar to Pulipan. However, the mechanical control effect is not as accurate and delicate as the later RC Valve. At the same time, the gas storage chamber is prone to carbon accumulation, which will affect the power performance if it is not regularly maintained.

The rebirth of classic cars has once again become the focus of attention

The HX 135 SS found by the editorial department this time is the result of the car’s owner “Daddy” who has spent a lot of effort in refurbishing. As Gwangyang’s parts inventory and circulation are not as perfect as Yamaha, after the suspension of production of Ace, many important parts are also With the disappearance, coupled with the rise of four-stroke gears and scooter types, the circulation rate of ace cards has dropped sharply, making it even more difficult for fans who are interested in collecting.

Let the uncle take you to see the introduction of this reborn trump card.

The “HX135 SS” on the hood can recognize at a glance that this is the ultimate trump card.

In the SS version, the front turn signal and headlights are integrated. This triangle light is actually taken from the exterior image of the GP factory car and makes the shape more streamlined.

Unique high-bass double speakers, with a rare central panel, and the shape is also designed.

The ace center console is the style of the 70s and 80s.

The top light indicator displays from left to right: left direction light, far light, neutral indicator, oil light and right direction light. The long LCD screen in the middle shows the gear position, and the speedometer and mileage on the left. On the right is the speed, 10800 revolutions before entering the red line.

The quaint keyhole has HONDA on the cover.

In order to create an authentic trump card, the owner’s father even handled the keys according to the sun rules.

The left-hand handle assembly, from top to bottom, is the headlight switch, direction light and horn.

The far/near light is integrated with the headlight switch and switched by pressing.

The right-hand handle is simplified to only have the function of a refueling seat.

The classic Rothmans color scheme, Honda’s big wings with gold and red lines are a kind of passionate feeling.

There is a movable lock hole cover on the fuel tank cover to reduce the chance of rainwater infiltrating into the fuel tank.

The design that extends downwards from the rear of the fuel tank has a design similar to that of a GP racing car and is also different from the appearance of ordinary street cars at the time.

The unique racing-style fuel tank switch was also the only design of the domestically produced cars of that era (the other was Suzuki’s war horse GS 150R).

The big characters “ATAC” on the side shells declared that the provoking knight should not act rashly.

Although the seat cushion is an integrated design, the height difference between the front and rear seats is deliberately made to allow the rider to effectively fix the body when riding at high speed.

The iron tube armrests in the back seat did not expect to become popular again a few years later.

The lines on the tail are actually somewhat similar to Suzuki’s RG Gamma.

In particular, the taillights in the shape of the triangular rice ball have 87% resemblance.

There is a duck-tail-shaped fender under the back soil, which can prevent muddy water from splashing upward.

After the engine is re-disassembled, sandblasted, and painted, the internal consumables are almost replaced with new ones.

The power output of the Japanese HX 135 engine can reach 22ps, but it is reduced to 19.5ps when it becomes a Taiwanese standard, which is a pity.

Due to air cooling, it can be seen that the upper cover of the cylinder head has a large number of fins. In the past, in order to increase the heat dissipation efficiency, someone invented a metal fishtail clip to clamp the fins, and this thing is the secret weapon XD that many old butts still use today.

HX 135 SS uses KEIHIN PE26 carburetor as the key part to control the fuel injection volume. The PE26, commonly known as the “king of the king”, was regarded as a powerful tool at the time, especially the later two-stroke scooter. As long as the cylinder is changed, the PE26 will be selected as one of the fixed conversion kits. Of course, the theft rate is also high High.

If you park on the side of the road overnight, the next day the car owner must first pay attention to whether the PE26 carburetor has been “pulled out” or not. The result of “borrowing and borrowing” between riders is one of the reasons why PE26 has risen.

Just after stepping into the spraying, this kind of plot is no longer, and now there is no need to worry about the embarrassment of the carburetor disappearing.

The lower spoiler added from the HX135 RS version is one of the equipment that the uncle thought this car was so handsome when he was young. It is like a lower spoiler with a small cherry mouth slightly opened, and the rough-surfaced exhaust pipe slides into the opening. , After many years of this design, the uncle understood the meaning of it.

The clutch switch is located on the right side of the engine. It can be seen that the car does not have an electric starter. Instead, it is a romance with a foot.

The front fork adopts an upright periscope shock absorber with a diameter of 31mm, which is different from the dust cover commonly known as “caterpillar” in the earlier general gears. The HX 135 SS adopts an exposed design, although the life of the inner tube is shorter. , And it is easy to leak oil, but the more sporty fu is the young people of the time.

The front brake adopts line drawing and perforation to fix the disc, with one-way double-piston calipers. The braking force seems to be insufficient by today’s standards.

The three-spoke six-claw wheel used after the RS version has a tire size of 90/90-18.

There is a detachable extension fender below the front soil removal. With this thing, the chance of the engine being soiled by splashing muddy water can be reduced.

In addition to the hood, the biggest appearance feature of the SS version is probably the rear shock. With the design of the inverted hanging cylinder and the Ferrari red paint, racing means an instant burst. This set of shock absorbers was also one of the most popular retrofit kits at the time. You can see this set of shock absorbers on cars such as Wild Wolf and Aijiang, not to mention the visibility in the light-duty car modifications around the millennium. Up.

Although there is no research on whether this gas cylinder is useful, the only Taiwan-made bottle hanging kit on the market at that time, this set of shock absorbers did soothe the minds of many knights.

The two-stage exhaust pipe known as the “speed (beam?) pipe” is different from the integrated exhaust pipe of the HX 135 in order to increase the purchase price. The SS version introduces a removable exhaust pipe. Comparing to the design image of the GP 500 racing car, the SS version is more stylish. The rear wheel also uses an 18-inch setting, and the brake is a drum system.

The one-piece footrest seems to be a tacit understanding of the common design of the cars at that time.

The pedal set connecting the front seat and the rear seat is made of aluminum alloy die casting, and the pedal has rubber for shock absorption.


Today, when the two-stroke schedule is declining, many of the classic cars of the year are long gone. These cars may not be environmentally friendly from a modern point of view, but they are memories of people who lived through that era. The owner of this ace boy, the father, is to realize the memories in his mind. When he is young, he will have no chance to keep the car. When he is able, his youth is gone and he can only try his best to keep the memories of the year. Slowly appreciate in the garage.

It is not easy to organize and store old cars, and it takes a lot of time and money. Apart from love, I really can’t think of other reasons to collect these classic cars. Perhaps the next time you see this ace wandering on a curve on Wuzhi Mountain, you can spend more time keeping its figure in sight. After all, these cars may never see the light of day when the government decree turns.

I’m uncle, see you next time

Original source:[經典車庫]Ace killer on the road to generosity! HONDA HX135 SS

Data authorization “Little Wife Automobile Information Network”
Editor of “Webike Taiwan” Editorial Department


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