“Clash of Clans” x PETKIT Xiaopei surprise H5 event exposure: a limited number of refrigerator magnets waiting for you

I don’t know how many people have ever imagined that they are the heroes in the game? I imagined that I would take my pet partner to fight in the Quartet. Recently, “Clash of Clans” updated the new battle pet system. Heroes in the game can fight side by side with battle pets to achieve the effect of 1+1>2.

With this pet version update, “Clash of Clans” also launched a special H5 event in conjunction with PETKIT Xiaopei. This event invites users to upload photos of their pets and synthesize them with the appearance of a DIY pet hero to generate a “debut photo” with the theme of “Clash of Clans”, and have a chance to get a super gift!

This H5 is divided into three parts. The first part is the photo shoot of cute pets. Players can participate in the activity by uploading beautiful photos of their pets, and filter the content that suits their cute pet style from the elements.

The second part is the battle pet canvassing session: After confirming the photo of your pet, the pet photo will enter the ranking list. Players can collect votes by long-pressing the “hard photo” to save and share with friends.

The third part is the reward link: the ranking will end at 24:00 on May 31, 2021. After the deadline, the top 50 users on the ranking will be awarded together with their pet friends by “Clash of Clans” & PETKIT Xiaopei Two gift rewards given out.

PETKIT Xiaopei X “Clash of Clans” Limited Refrigerator Magnet

PETKIT Xiao Pei Food Chain Xiao Xian Bean

Of course, in addition to being rewarded through strength, this world also has luck. In addition to the top 50 in the H5 awards of “Clash of Clans”, a lottery is also specially set up. Players can enter the lottery interface through the button in the lower right corner of the “Still Photo Generation Interface”.

There are two prerequisites for the lottery: one is that the player needs to complete the production of pet photos. Second, you need to invite three players to like your still photos, so that you can get three energy points for the lottery! (Note that each account has and only one chance to draw)

The prize pool of the lucky draw is richer in gifts, including pet supplies, digital technology, product peripherals, etc., to meet the needs of all players! The following is a list of rewards:

First prize: Apple AirPods Bluetooth headset

Second prize: PETKIT Xiaopei Origin Ji Smart Fish Tank

Second Prize: Astronaut and Barbarian King Figure (Limited Edition)

Third prize: PETKIT Xiaopei smart water dispenser 3 (no induction electricity)

Fourth Prize: Flying Dragon Baby Plush Toy

Fifth Prize: Clash of Clans X PETKIT Xiao Pei
Tribal pet energy supply limited snack gift box

Isn’t such a generous reward still tempting? Without further ado, click on the link below or the QR code to participate in the event and debut with your cute pet! Maybe you are the lucky one who won the prize. (Copy link to WeChat/QQ to open)


Earlier, the official also launched a series of posters, four posters covering players in various life states, reflecting the pets in our lives, and also the great heroes who accompany us.

In life, the cages and bird walkers accompany each other, and the best combination in the game brings real companionship into the game.
The Lazy Flow Master and the company of Flash Owl are the joy of taking off in place

Whether it is an office lady during the day, or a noble queen at night.
All need a loyal “guard” to accompany you to fight freely.

No injury can’t be cured by a cute cat
If there is one, add a unicorn.

Whether it’s life or game
Must dare to live out and break through

Finally, in addition to the hero battle pet element, this update of the 14 editions of “Clash of Clans” also adds other brand-new jungle themes, construction workers participating in battle and other game content and gameplay. Interested friends come and experience it. In addition, there is also an official joint action office with surprise new products on sale. “Astronaut Barbarian King” is now on sale on JD.com and has been well received. The hand-made workmanship is pleasantly surprised, and the astronauts are full of creativity. Interested friends can go to buy! The new version adds a new collection for yourself.


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