Claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin, this man is spending most of his life in court to prove it - Photo 1.

Claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin, this man is spending most in court to prove it

In a pre-coding conference full of confusing technical terms, few questions from the audience are so shocking: "Why is the scammer allowed to speak at this conference?"But that was the way Decoding 2018 conference was held in Seoul last year ended.

Perhaps those who are interested in pre-coding are not too strange for the alleged fraudster. It was Craig Wright, an Australian technology engineer, from an unknown person who became globally famous three years before claiming to be the mysterious creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

The identity of the person who raised the question was also aroused by many people: Vitalik Buterin, a Russian programmer who contributed to the creation of the world's second-most crypto-currency, Ether. While no one doubts Buterin's role in Ether, many of the pre-coding world doubts the claims of Wright's role in Bitcoin.

Vitalik Buterin (left) and Craig Wright (right).

Not only did they argue with each other during the conference, both famous figures of the pre-coding world continued to fight on Twitter afterwards. But only that. Things seemed to end from that time.

Use the court to prove your identity

But it turned out not only that. A year later, Buterin received a letter from Wright's lawyer. The notice came on April 12, 2019, saying Wright intended to sue Buterin in the UK for libel.

Less than a week later, Mr. Wright continued to file a similar lawsuit against podcaster named Peter McCormack, claiming damages of $ 129,000. And on May 2, it was another person named in the lawsuit list, Roger Ver, one of the first to invest in Bitcoin.

What are the common points of all three people? Recently all three of them have posted online messages calling Wright a fraud.

Claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin, this man is spending most of his life in court to prove it - Photo 2.

Mr. Wright himself had a busy year when dealing with other lawsuits. He is currently defending a court in the United States for allegedly deceiving Dave Kleiman's former business partner but lost in 2013. Wright is accused of stealing Bitcoin numbers when he and Kleiman have exploited. together from about a decade ago. The federal judge of the case asked Mr. Wright to submit documents about holding Bitcoin from his head.

To some extent, Mr. Wright determined that the court could be a useful tool to prove to everyone that he is Satoshi Nakatomo, the father of Bitcoin. "This will give me the opportunity to prove my identity in front of the court, instead of judging each other on Twitter. "

If Wright was really Satoshi Nakamoto, he would have no trouble raising finance to pursue these persistent legal battles. The father of Bitcoin is the person holding a number of coins worth an estimated $ 9 billion. In fact, the expensive cost of being sued tends to make people who disagree with their criticism.

When scandal goes ahead famous

The name of Mr. Wright began to rise to alcohol in late 2015, when a report by Wired and Gizmodo said that he and Kleiman were the two people who created Bitcoin. But just a few days later, Wired said Wright could be "a great fraud". Australian police then searched Mr. Wright's home during a tax investigation, then Wright moved to England.

Claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin, this man is spending most of his life in court to prove it - Photo 3.

While the legal battle in court has not yet begun, public comments about Craig Wright's identity have exploded. Not long after McCormark's petition was filed, online discussions around Craig Wright grew explosive and peaked. However, most of them have quite harsh words.

According to Brand24, which monitors social discussions, during the week after the lawsuit was filed, 65% of posts showed negative emotions. There are even crowdfunding campaigns to raise funds for defendants in Mr. Wright's lawsuit. And data from Google shows that these claims made the name Craig Wright become the most attractive since his controversial statement in 2016 when he said, I have irrefutable evidence about the role. game in creating Bitcoin.

This shows that there are still many people who doubt Mr. Wright's statements, one of the most famous examples is John McAfee. This enthusiastic cryptocurrency supporter said he knew who Satoshi Nakamoto was and that it was not Craig Wright.

Claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin, this man is spending most of his life in court to prove it - Photo 4.

John McAfee: "I've been sued more than 200 times in my whole life. I'm not afraid of being sued."

"I will tell the truth regardless of the consequences. I have been sued more than 200 times in my whole life. I am not afraid of being sued"In response, Mr. Wright called Mr. McAfee" MrScammer "and said their dispute would be resolved in court.

Not all celebrities deny Mr. Wright. In May 2016, the BBC, Economist and a series of top-level movement leaders said Mr. Wright showed evidence of his claim. They said he showed a special digital signature used by Satoshi Nakamoto.

Mr. Jon Matonis, supervisor founder of Bitcoin Foundation, said on his blog: "The evidence is very convincing, and I have no doubt that Craig Steven Wright is the person behind Bitcoin technology. "

However, this does not make the protesters silently: "It is like I want to prove that I am George Washington by providing a photocopy of the Constitution and saying, look, I have the signature of George Washington. "

They called on Wright to confirm his identity by transferring some of the Bitcoin coins Satoshi Nakamoto held, which have remained dormant for years. However, Mr. Wright rejected this request.

Claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin, this man is spending most of his life in court to prove it - Photo 5.

Consequences of court proceedings

Pursuing too many lawsuits and letting widespread slander from the public also cause significant damage to Mr. Wright's business. Now he is promoting the launch of a new currency named Bitcoin SV, which he said is part of Satoshi Nakamoto's true intentions for Bitcoin.

However, Mr. Wright's lawsuits seem to have caused a grudge against Zhao Changpeng, the head of one of the world's largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance. Zhao said, brother "against fraud"and then Binance canceled the listing for Bitcoin SV. The market value of this currency evaporated 50% after two days, even though it recovered slightly when the pre-coding market accelerated back in. may.

But Mr. Wright and his allies are not discouraged by continuing to rely on laws and courts to authenticate their identities. On May 21, Mr. Wright said he had been granted a license for Bitcoin's original lines of code and the original white book on Bitcoin with author Satoshi Nakamoto. Three days later, a person named Wei Liu filed a competition copyright complaint. A spokesman for the agency said they "have not investigated the truth about any statement made. "

Claiming to be the creator of Bitcoin, this man is spending most of his life in court to prove it - Photo 6.

Craig Wright at the trial justified the Kleiman family's allegations of stealing a bitcoin from his partner.

Calvin Ayre, a tycoon who bet on the dot-com bubble and the most ardent supporter for Wright, said he will give proof of Mr. Wright's claim at the end of May. But in the end he did not. Ayre spokesman said: "But now what we have is someone competing for copyright, we can solve it with a legal statement, which is what we're trying to do.. "

For Mr. Wright, such insults are something more cruel than a joke on the internet. He said that those who slander themselves are criminals, who benefit from people's visits, and their real motivation is to undermine his efforts to eliminate the use of Bitcoin on items. illegal destination.

"I designed Bitcoin to stop all that. That's why they hate me. "

In the June 29 court hearing, ahead of Kleiman's allegations of stealing Bitcoin from his former partner, Mr. Wright said, I could not give my original Bitcoin wallet addresses. , as well as not being able to access the $ 10 billion encrypted amount belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Mr. Wright stated that Kleiman was the one responsible for Bitcoin's concealment of two co-owners, as well as Wright's identity so that people could not discover him as Satoshi Nakamoto, when Mr. Wright decided to stop working. work on Bitcoin in 2010. This makes him unable to access the encrypted amount above, as well as the virtual wallet address.

Refer to Bloomberg

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