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Civilization VI takes over from GTA V on the Epic Games Store

Barely finished with the GTA V offer, Epic Games is rewarding players with a new free, Civilization VI.

After building their crime empire cheaply with GTA V, players have the opportunity to build an empire. Once again at a lower cost and once again thanks to the Epic Games Store which provides Civilization VI to all, free for a period of one week (already started). So therefore, to hope to play the despot, it will be necessary download Civilization VI via The Epic Games Store before May 28, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.

Last born in the saga born by Sid Meier, Civilization VI is at the top of the turn-based strategy game food chain. It gives everyone the opportunity to develop their empire through a larger map of the world than ever, to expand their influence and culture, all while facing the most famous leaders in history. Sixth installment of the compulsory franchise, Civilization VI is equipped with some new features. In addition to the size of empires more disproportionate than usual, there is active research allowing accelerated technological progress, or the dynamic diplomacy system evolving over time, or the creation of joint bodies. A program that announces looo long hours of play.

As for the players who will catch the fever of conquest and feel limited with the basic edition, remember that the New Frontier Pass, bringing additional content until 2021, is available at a price of € 39.99. For more information, you are invited to consult the article just below.

Epic Games strikes again very strongly by once again offering a triple A title. A strategy which, coupled with temporary exclusives, allows Epic Games to keep you going high against the giant Steam. All that’s left is to enjoy Civilization VI until next week and a new free game.

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