Citrus fruits are good for the arteries!
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Citrus fruits are good for the arteries!

The citrusare not only rich in vitamin C. They contain other interesting substances to take care of his health. They contain, in particular, a particular category of polyphenols : the flavanones. In orange it is hesperidin, in the pomelo of naringin. If these substances are present in greater amounts in the whole fruit than in juice, they are better absorbed in juice, making the two modes of consumption comparable.

A decrease in cardiovascular mortality

INRA researchers have found that the death rate from cardiovascular disease was reduced by 20%among the strong consumers of flavanones.

  • In humans, flavonones reduce diastolic pressure, and they improve the ability of blood vessels to dilate.
  • At the menopausal woman, the daily consumption of 330 ml of grapefruit juice decreases arterial stiffness which is one of the main risks of cardiovascular disease.

However, one should not abuse Juice. Public health recommendations are do not consume more than one drink per day which then represents a portion of fruit. And it is better to squeeze the fruit yourself.

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