Cinematographer Moc Nguyen: Music makes up 50% of the video's success

Cinematographer Moc Nguyen: Music makes up 50% of the video's success

During the sharing event about the Canon EOS R camera on November 17, independent cinematographer Moc Nguyen said that many people are more important about the "look" part of the "listening" part when completing video products. . Moc Nguyen's own opinion said that 50% of a clip's success depends on music.

Cinematographer Moc Nguyen is presenting at the seminar for creators – Photo: H.

"There are times when I spend a few months searching for a satisfactory piece of music to be included in the video," Moc Nguyen told the audience of photographers, people who like to take photos and film people.

In general, the cinematographer who had filmed clips in many parts of the world said that the success of a video clip lies in the story presented, the techniques used during the shooting.

In parallel, Moc Nguyen also shared about the advantages of the Canon EOS R he is using.

According to Moc Nguyen, whether the camera is mirrorless, the EOS R has a protective shutter. This helps the dust-proof device into the sensor, especially for those who shoot or disassemble lenses in the external environment.

Rotation screen is also an advantage when used to shoot movies at different high and low angles, no need to "roll around" to look at the screen of the machine.

The EOS R uses a new generation RF lens (different from conventional EF) that has many unprecedented technologies, and again has a focal length of 28-70 f / 2, the "dream movie lens" – at the discretion of the Landmark. Nguyen.

On RF lens with fast ISO control ring, speed, aperture. Quick control of one of these parameters helps professional photographers and film shooters to operate faster.

Wedding photographer Roberto Valenzuela (USA), in his presentation, said that the drop in filter on RF lenses made him very interested. Landmark Nguyen agreed with this view.

With the new filter type, users only need to attach the filter to the middle part of the lens with the camera, can quickly change the filter, not to twist to the front of the lens as usual.

Each lens has a different size, so old-style filters also produce different sizes. Meanwhile, the new type filter can be used for all RF lenses. For professional users who use filters, changing filters quickly or just bring 1 filter for all lenses is very important.

Moc Nguyen is illustrating the ability to lock the focus on the model's face when filming – Photo: H.

Landmark Nguyen also said he liked Dual Pixel AF, making autofocus faster and more accurate.

EOS R is Canon's latest full-frame mirrorless camera. It has a 30.3 MP CMOS sensor, Digic 8 image processor and Dual Pixel autofocus technology, 4K movie recording, C-log movie mode and 10-bit HDMI output. The machine is being sold for about 55 million dong (body only).


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